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A Glimpse into the Achievements of Igor Cornelsen

He is a Brazilian executive and many people know him as an investment manager. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has worked for many local and multinational corporations. After spending decades when working at different firms, he decided to start his own investment company in 1995 to help other entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and full potential. The 62-years old businessman is an alumnus of the Federal University of Parana. At the time, very few people were admitted to the institution due to its strict admission guidelines.

After studying engineering for two years, he enrolled in an economics class at the same university due to his passion for business. After graduating from the University of Parana, Igor Cornelsen was hired by a financial institution called Multibanco as he was good in calculations. After working for four years at the bank, he was promoted to serve in its board of directors. In 1976, he was appointed as the new chief executive officer.

When Multibanco was acquired by another financial institution, Igor Cornelsen was hired by a Brazilian investment company that was known as Unibanco. He worked for the firm for seven years before moved to Libra Bank. He also worked as a director at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He attributes his career success to the skills he has acquired over the years. He urges other entrepreneurs to always seek reliable information when making business decisions rather than relying on the analysis of other people.

In one of his interviews, he revealed that he established an investment advisory firm due to the vast experience that he had acquired over the years at various organizations. He wakes up early in the morning and spends a significant amount of his time watching international news and analyzing the performance of various economies around the globe. According to him, this helps in developing a good portfolio.


Rebel Wilson’s Up-Coming Comedy Movie

The year 2019 is looking up for the Australian-born actress Rebel Wilson. She is famous for playing different characters in Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect franchise and other roles. Wilson is coming back to the lead role for “Isn’t It Romantic?” a romantic comedy that is slated to premiere on Valentine’s Day.

Wilson is playing a woman who hits her head only to wake up and see the world through rom-com-colored glasses. She starts alongside fellow Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra. The trailer for this comedy is already out and is playing like a Meta rom-com with satire. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

In the synopsis, Wilson’s character is an architect named Natalie who works hard to be noticed at her job but is asked to get coffee and bagels instead of deciding in the next skyscraper in the city. Natalie is also cynical with love and faces a mugger who renders her unconscious. When she comes to, she discovers that her life has morphed into a nightmare, and she is the leading lady in a romantic comedy.

In the movie, Wilson teams up with Pitch Perfects fellow actor Adam Devine who plays Josh, Natalie’s best friend, and Priyanka Chopra who plays Isabella, a yoga ambassador with Jennifer Saunders as her mother. The funny cast also includes Emmy Nominated actor Betty Gilpin and Michelle Buteau.

Todd Strauss-Schulson directed the Isn’t It Romantic, whose script was developed by Erin Cardillo, Katie Silberman, and Dana ox. Warner Bros and New Line Cinema produced the movie. The official release date is 14th February 2019.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born in Sidney, Australia on March 2, 1980. She is an actress, producer, and writer who graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People. Wilson has played different characters one of which is Pizza which aired in the Special Broadcasting Service and the Wedge. She wrote, produced, and starred in Bogan Pride, which was a musical comedy back in 2008.

Her role in Bargain saw her win the Tropfest best actress award. Wilson guest appeared in the City Homicide, and after relocating to the United States, she was cast in Bridesmaids. Wilson describes herself as unusually shy during her childhood, which borders social disorder. She has three siblings Liberty, Annaliese, and Ryot. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Her first career choice was mathematics, and she says she was good with numbers. Wilson schooled at University of New South Wales and studied Bachelor of Arts, theatre, and performance studies. She also studied a bachelor of law degree and graduated in 2009.

She arguably became famous because of her role in Bridesmaids and scene-stealing character, Fat Amy, in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Wilson is confident and funny, daring and down-to-earth, and just with a flicker of a smile; she has won over her fans worldwide.

Her law degree has helped her negotiate some of her performance contracts. As she continues to shine in her career, Rebel Wilson shows no signs of stopping any time soon, but for now, she is looking forward to the release of “Isn’t It Romantic?”


Gaming and Cryptocurrency with Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle attended MIT where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Following his achievement at the degree level, Malcolm CasSelle went ahead to attend Stanford University where he got his master’s still under Computer Science. After finishing with his education, Malcolm helped start NetNoir, in 1995 where he also served as the CTO. After a few years working with NetNoir, Malcolm CasSelle was granted a contract at Pacific Century CyberWorks where he was the senior most VP and, in some cases, he was the advisor of the CEO and he served his tenure for four years.

In 2017, Malcolm CasSelle joined the World Asset eXchange, WAX. WAX is a market that people use to trade in virtual products by using blockchain technology. At WAX, Malcolm CasSelle works as the company’s Strategy Advisor. WAX is able to successfully carry out business and the use of blockchain helps them protect their merchants and customers from fraud in the industry. When someone gets on the WAX platform, they can easily transform their merchandise into tokens to help them buy and sell the stocks without having to move from their dashboards.

WAX also provides a currency type of cryptocurrency to help traders from different geographic regions eliminate the need to have to convert their own blockchain codes into other cryptocurrencies which the person they are trading with has. It is approved and is a common currency for all WAX users.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of WAX and he believes that the use of cryptocurrency in the world of gaming will propel the blockchain movement forward into the mainstream market. The tokens that he has helped develop also act as storage areas for the value of the merchandise that traders expect to exchange between one another on the site.

Additionally, to this, Malcolm CasSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins. This is one of the leading bitcoin sellers globally in the world of gaming and they are also at the top of the virtual sales market alongside WAX. The blockchain is truly the future of gaming.

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Wes Edens and Richard Branson partner on Railway deal

Brightline a company owned by Wes Edens announced that it would be partnering with Virgin Group to establish an intercity passenger commuter train that has not been possible in the United States in over a century. The licensing agreement will see Brightline benefit from the expertise as well as experience that is offered by the famous company which is well known especially when it comes to hospitality as well as travel.

The private service has already established a link between West Palm and Miami this year in 2018 and has further expressed its wish to expand to Tampa as well as Orlando. It is also waiting on the close of a deal that will see the firm acquire Xpresswest as well as federal approvals that will see the company commence railway construction at the beginning of next year which will see it connect Southern California with Las Vegas. Read more about Wes Edens at Industrial Areas Foundation.

A statement released by Wes Edens confirmed the agreement between the two companies and also added that it was a new era that is being ushered by the private sector as they embark on reinventing rail service provided to the public. Wes Edens also confirmed the innovation as well as the disruption that will be caused by the two companies as they are well positioned to cater to the industry effectively. Wes Edens and Richard Branson admitted that they had been waiting for over a decade to be able to provide the same services that they offer to their other customers who also use Virgin to be able to travel and this deal has seen that they can carry over their successful implementations to the new venture.

As part of the agreement, Brightline will retain the current staff as well as the management team that will be responsible for overseeing operations, strategy, engineering as well as business development. The rebranding will take effect immediately, and then gradually transition to Virgin Trains will be in effect in the coming year. The announcement has brought a breath of fresh air as rail transport has been underperforming due to low standards of customer service as well as competition form air travel.

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Love the Skin You’re In with Sunday Riley

Beauty brand Sunday Riley has been rocking the beauty world since its launch in 2009. Best known for unleashing the beauty power of botanicals via savvy scientific innovation, the company deems it “green technology”. These much-loved products deliver on their high performance promises. The company has already amassed hundreds of thousands of customers and fans including Oprah who’s included the skin care line on her List of Favorite Things for 2018.

Sunday Riley is also a real person and the entrepreneurial visionary who founded the brand that shares her name. She recognized an under-represented opportunity in the beauty industry for botanicals to bloom and shine, embracing them as part of her wellness and self-care philosophy.

Currently featuring 13 vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, skin-nurturing products, Sunday Riley harnesses the power of nature to provide beauty from the inside out, sans phthalates, sulfates, and parabens.

Let’s take a look at some of Sunday Riley’s most popular products:

Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser: Better than ever, this product is newly reformulated with foaming action to provide the deepest cleansing and makeup removal while remaining ultra gentle. Ingredients that draw out impurities include French clay, white clay, betonite, balanced with hydrating emollient elements of white rice and olive oil.

U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Face Oil: This product effectively eliminates acne and blackheads, clears and shrinks pores while providing maximum skin hydration. Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) combines the good elements of salicyclic acid balanced with nutrient-rich hydrating ingredients to create another winning beauty product. Appropriate for acne sufferers of every age, this fast-absorbing formula works great for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil: No more risk of red flaky skin, thanks to the next-gen retinol included in this amazing product. The formula is gentle yet hard-working to diminish wrinkles, redness, and minimize pores, leaving skin looking more youthful and supple with a luminous glow. It’s also suitable for all skin types so let this product work while you sleep.

So come on, discover enlightened skin care that your body craves and deserves. Indulge your skin and treat it right, with Sunday Riley.

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The RealReal Is The Ultimate Style Guide

Have you ever wondered what you would wear to an event? Have you ever wondered about trying out a new style? Have you ever wanted some vintage luxury pieces at an affordable price? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, then you should get some fashion assistance from The RealReal.

The RealReal has used their social media presence to be the ultimate style guide for fashionista all over the world. They are a premier company that offers customers some of the finest items from the most classic luxury brands on earth. The company offers customers shoes, accessories and clothing for both men and women. Their Instagram is a platform that showcases some of the most beautiful fashion pieces that are bold in color but at the same time is elegant and classy. T shirts, dresses, clutches and jewelry coves their Instagram. So, the next time you are scrolling through Instagram make sure to check out their page for the best fashion advice and pictures.

The RealReal has been around for a few short years. The company was founded by Julie Wainwright. She put her business experience to good use. She launched a company that at the time was just a home based business. She knew very little that The RealReal would become one of the biggest companies in the luxury resale market. They have a couple of brick and mortar stores. From time to time, they open pop up shops to give as many people as possible an opportunity to get a chance to try out authentic handbag, clothing and diamonds.

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Steve Ritchie’s Sincerity

Long-lived pizza franchise, Papa John’s, is grappling with ongoing controversy. In the hopes of repairing their fragile state, Steve Ritchie, the company’s CEO, issued an apology to Papa John’s consumers. Rife with sincere sentiments and patent remorse, Ritchie’s apology appealed to the public. Ritchie began by condemning prejudice and the unsavory actions of Papa John’s. As an attempt to rid the company of this defilement, Ritchie eloquently stated that prior transgressions in no way represent his views or “the values of the company.”

In the hopes of conveying his sincerity, Ritchie stated that insensitive language and bias are inexcusable and will not be present within the walls of Papa John’s. Ritchie then went on to say that Papa John’s is a diverse organization of 120,000 employees, each of whom walk different paths in life. While these words resonated with readers, actions always speak louder. It’s for this reason why Ritchie then delved into how Papa John’s will be rectifying the situation. First and foremost, outside experts will be temporarily joining operations to audit the company’s culture. Said experts will discern the company’s strengths and weaknesses. From there, Papa John’s will be implementing the necessary changes.

As an attempt to uphold accountability, Ritchie promised to remain transparent along the way. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns concluded the letter with some notions on trust. It’s the company’s mission to regain the public’s trust, and Papa John’s will be “working hard to earn it.” What’s more, Ritchie was sure to thank consumers who have remained loyal to Papa John’s during this troubling juncture. Both compassionate and noble, Ritchie’s apology letter was a savvy business move. When Ritchie issued this apology, the public was awed by how genuine and contrite the company was. With time, Papa John’s may be freed from their enduring turmoil.

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The Always Busy Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a very busy man. Not only does he produce Keeping Up with the Kardashians and American Idol, but he’s also a co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan. He hosts his own nationally-syndicated entertainment radio show, called On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and has his own line of clothing and skincare products. To maintain his busy schedule he keeps himself fit and follows a standard routine which he tries to maintain even while abroad.

In the morning Ryan Seacrest gets up at about 6:00 AM and has matcha tea, a tea originating in Japan, that according to Ryan-and many health experts-, has many health benefits. He follows that with a cup of coffee. During the workday, he has a workout, something which, he states, he used to feel guilty about when he was in his 20’s and 30’s. But now, at 43, he relates that it helps him maintain the “balance of intense schedule and intense work.”

While going through his day,  Seacrest tries to use his energy constructively. He catches up on the news in the morning, and doesn’t take interviews during the afternoon, a time of day during which thinking long-term is easier, as per He often responds to emails with a simple, positive answer like “Yes” or “Got it.” Admitting to having attention deficit disorder, Seacrest has tried to limit his time with distracting devices like his phone, stating “I’ll even lock it in a safe when I’m on a trip. I’ve found simply not having my device on me is a very good thing and the world lives on.”

Another major endeavor by Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit providing broadcasting studios, called Secreast Studios, inside of children’s hospitals for the children to use. These studios help to foster a positive environment for the kids to have fun and learn while they deal with their illness. The foundation also encourages local journalism students to use the studios in order to help them gain practical broadcasting experience. With currently 10 studios throughout the US, Seacrest hopes to eventually have studios throughout the world.

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Alastair Borthwick: Publisher of History

Scottish Journalist, broadcaster, and author Alastair Borthwick is remembered for his two great works of literature, “Always a Little Further” and “Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945”. Alastair Borthwick was born on February 17. 1913 in Rutherglen, however, he was raised in Troon and Glasgow. At 16 he would leave his studies to work for the Glasgow Herald as a copywriter for correspondents calling into the office. His opening into his true career was during his participation in the “Open Air” page. It allowed Alastair Borthwick to be involved in the incredible lands that Glasgow had to offer, that in turn would introduce him to write articles about the working class of the community. He moved briefly to London after a job offer, however, the big city lifestyle was not meant for him and he would move back to Glasgow a year later to work as a BBC radio correspondent.

In 1939 we would see the work of Alastair Borthwick really take off with the publication of “Always a Little Further”. This was a combination of articles written by Alastair during his time at the Glasgow Herald, particularly those written from his outdoor adventures. Although the publisher, Fabers was unsure of the publication, the project was pushed forward anyway and today holds as one of the best-written books on the subject of the outdoors.

During the Second world war, Alastair Borthwick (@AlastairBorthw1) was assigned to the 5th Battalion as an intelligence officer and would see actions on most of the Wars battlefields. After the war, Alastair was asked to write a history book on the battalion. The book would be published in 1946 as “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders”. The book received praise from many in the historical community. After the war, Alastair would go work for the BBC in 1940, follow by a successful television career in the 1960’s where he would film over 150 programs. Alastair Borthwick would retire with his wife in the 1970’s in Ayrshire. Alastair would live out his remaining years in a hill farm until his death in 2003.


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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade And How He Transformed The Brazilian Automobile Market

If you are in the automobile industry, chances are you have heard of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, but have you ever asked yourself who he is? On this piece, we are going to focus on a few things everybody wants to know about this man. We will look at how he helped make the Brazilian automobile market one of the largest and fastest- growing automobile industry in the world. So who is Carlos Alberto de Oliveira? Well, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira is the man who founded CAOA, a Brazilian automotive assembly and distributor company.

How Dr. Carlos Helped Revolutionize The Brazilian Automobile Market?

To get an answer to this question, we have to look at the problem that existed before Carlos Alberto de Oliveira founded CAOA. How was the auto market then? According to Carlos Alberto, the automobile market then was chaotic, unstable, and did not care about customer experience and satisfaction. CAOA changed all this and made the market responsive and customer oriented. This helped attract more car manufacturers in Brazil and Latin America as a whole.

What Has He Achieved As CEO and Founder CAOA?

In just a few years, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira has helped transform his company from an unknown, scrawny company to a giant that is among the most sought-after automotive assembly and distributor company in Latin America. The company is now the official importer and distributor of many car brands, including Subaru, Forbs, and Hyundai. The visionary has also helped the CAOA come up with unique marketing and sales strategies that made the brands it represents gain more customers and penetrate more regions in Brazil and Latin America.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira is also the man who helped CAOA build its automobile plant, which is located in the State of Goiás, Brazil. The plant cost more than $600 million, and most of this money came from Carlos Alberto de Oliveira’s resources. Some of the cars produced in this 100% Brazilian Automobile Plant include Tucson Flex, New Tucson, and iX35.

Awards And Recognitions

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a recipient of many awards. He was recently crowned the Distributor and Importer of the Year by Hyundai, a leading South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer.

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