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Kim Dao Shows Her Morning Routine

YouTube sensation Kim Dao has created a new video that shows the morning routine she follows in order to get through winter in Japan. She needs to set her alarm several times before she’s able to get up in the morning. She then spends about thirty minutes on her phone playing games, in this case a puzzle matching game called Best Fiends. You can win prizes in the game as well as play it on Facebook. She then checks her social media accounts and responds to people.

After getting up Kim Dao drinks coffee and eats breakfast. She then brushes her teeth, washes her face, and does her skincare routine of essences and then moisturizers. Kim Dao then applies her makeup starting with a primer, concealer, and then the rest of the makeup including eyeliner and lipstick. She also curls her eyelashes with an eyelash curler and applies blush. Her final step is applying a lip gloss and with that Kim Dao is ready to go.

She picks out her clothes, usually something casual. She also packs her bag and she tries to usually travel light. Once she’s on the streets you can see how busy the area is with tons of people walking all around. Just as the video is ending she’s enjoying a treat at a nearby restaurant.