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Kim Dao Is A True Harry Potter Fan!

It is Kim Dao’s second to last day in London. Her plans for the day is to sightsee and go shopping with Beckii and Kelsey. Beckii is not feeling good. Kim Dao and Kelsey go to King’s Cross Station. They want to go to the Harry Potter booth but there is still a line. Kim Dao and Kelsey wait there to see if the line goes down while they also wait on Beckii to meet up with them. They put on their Harry Potter robes. They have been in line for 10 minutes and the line is moving fast. They plan on taking photos. They look around the gift shop. They purchased their photos. They have breakfast. Learn more:


Beckii meets up with them. They do some shopping and looking around. They have a good time shopping. They stop for a break and have a drink. They do some more shopping. They get some food at Spaghettihouse. The last stop for the day is the London Bridge Station. Kim Dao is excited to see it. It is a upscale Chinese type bar with a great view. They order some drinks. They take some more pictures. Learn more:


Kim Dao made it back home. She is extremely tired. She does a shopping haul. Kim Dao explains everything she purchased. She wants to edit a video before she goes to bed. She also explains why she didn’t answer any questions from the previous video. Traveling has been hard for her but she will start back doing it soon.