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Doe Deere Speaks Out About Lime Crime And Life.

When it comes to successful female business owners there is one name that come to mind right away, that name is Doe Deere. If you don’t know already, Doe is one of the first women who was successful in harnessing the power of the internet and making it work for her company. Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of a cosmetic company called Lime Crime which launched back in 2008.

Over the years Lime Crime has been fortunate to creat many new and exciting products that are both colorful and cruelty free. If that wasn’t enough they are also beautiful, bold and vegan friendly. Doe started her product line because there was a huge hole in the industry. The market wanted brighter and true to life colors, and the industry wanted to ignore those requests and produce makeup that people wore to work in dull, boring colors.

As Unicorn Queen, Doe knew it was her duty to raise the lipstick bar just a bit higher and produce a brighter hue to fill the industry void. She took a hundred dollars of her own money and her huge dream and created what is now known as Lime Crime. Soon came lipstick, eye-shadow, rainbow liquid liners, polish for your nails, lip gloss and more. Doe studied fashion design and grew up in New York after moving here from Russia.

Lime Crime is makeup today but it didn’t start that way. Doe started to design her own line of clothes and later got the idea to fill the makeup void and make the colors that matched her creative outfits. When Doe was showing off her clothes for the website, she would mix up her own colors and use that makeup for the photo shoots simply because she couldn’t get the colors she needed for off the rack makeup. Learn more:

Doe says that if there are two things she loves they are fairy tales and makeup. If you add those things together you soon see that they add up to fun. Today you can buy Lime Crime’s inspiring cosmetics online and in many retail stores both in the United States and internationally, not bad for a girl with a dream and a hundred dollars starting money. Doe Deere inspires everyone she talks to and tells them to embrace their dreams and move forward taking action to achieve their goals and dreams. Doe is a firm believer that dreams do come true.

One of the ways that Doe built her business was to start with an Ebay store. Later she started to blog. She started to showcase her products and do tutorials and run contests and giveaways. This started to build her a loyal fan base and today the company uses this method on Instagram. Lime Crime has over 3 million people who follow on that social media alone.Regardless of if you follow the brand Lime Crime on social media or not, you will no doubt love their product line as long as you believe in using makeup that is bold and beautiful to create and inspire your own personal freedom.