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Securus Technologies Keeping Our Prison Drug Free

In an effort to make sure no drugs get inside our prison, my team of corrections officers must pay very close attention every second of the day. These inmates have nothing but time on their hands, so if they spot an opportunity, they are going to exploit it and try to get those drugs right under our noses. Even though we have resources, the inmates have time on their side, so we have to stay vigilant to keep our facility safe.


One of the things we do in an effort to keep the drugs out of the jail, we physically search each guest and inmate that comes to that visitor center. If we can not get the contraband out of the hands of the guest, we will search the inmates before they get to their cells. Those efforts yield results, but we still seem to have a serious problem on our hands. We are checking mail, checking inmate cells, and listening to the inmates when they make calls on the phone.


One of the most powerful resources that we use in the effort to get drugs out of our jail is the Securus Technologies call monitoring system. This technology allows my fellow officers to listen to inmates on the phone in a way like we never have before. The LBS software will do the work of a team officers, scanning all calls across all phones, picking out unique chatter on a number of subjects like drugs, weapons, and contraband.


When the monitoring system alerts my team of trouble, we are now able to jump into action and make our facility safer. If we can hear an inmate talking about hiding drugs in the jail, we locate it and remove it. When we hear inmates talking about family bringing drugs to the jail, then we intercept the meeting.


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Securus Technologies: The Future of Security

Technology around us is evolving at a rate that we had never imagined. Every year, new improvements on existing technologies surface, being introduced to the general public. All aspect of life has benefited from the quick progression of technological advancement, but I sometimes wonder, do prisons also receive this kind of technological improvement?


The short answer is, yes. Along with the advancement that schools, hospitals, banks, commercial establishment and private homes are enjoying in the present, prisons are not left behind. One American company, called Securus Technologies, made it possible. Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, is based in Dallas, Texas. They have employed close to a thousand people, and have found to secure contracts with over two thousand correctional facilities in the United States. They focus their work on prison technologies, helping to tighten the security inside these areas.


One of their signature products was a system that would control prohibited cellular phones. It would stop these devices in connecting to networks outside, and limit the capabilities that their phone should have. Aside from their so-called Cell Defender technology, Securus Technologies also provide communications and tracking devices for detainees and parolees alike. These technologies that they develop are widely used in North America, with more than a million inmates benefiting from these systems in the United States alone.


Securus Technologies promises to develop these technologies further, providing safety for everyone. They even shared vision as to how their devices could probably work in the future, like being totally secure and requiring the inmate who uses the device to only communicate with individuals who has gotten the security’s approval. In my opinion, the future is bright for these types of corporations, as they have the potential to make it through everything and soon become a necessity for the nation’s security.