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George Soros follows new strategy in fight for criminal justice reform

Over the last decade, George Soros has lost big with his donations to presidential politics. After backing the Hillary Clinton campaign with more than $1 million, making Soros the largest donor in that presidential race, he lost again, seeing his candidate defeated by a novice politician with some of the lowest likability rankings in the history of presidential politics.

Prior to that, Soros had contributed almost an equal amount of money to the John Kerry campaign, in that candidate’s bid to unseat the neocon war-mongering president George W Bush. All this adds up to a seriously disappointing result for the over $1 million that Soros has donated in total to recent presidential races. Read his profile at Forbes.

However, it would be a serious mistake for Soros’ political opponents to assume that he has lost his magic touch. Soros has a history of winning at virtually everything he does, rising to the top of the stock market, the most competitive game on earth. Soros has returned over 25 percent per annum to himself and his investors, over the course of a 45-plus year career.

In fact, it has been widely speculated that the Soros’ donation to the Clinton campaign was more an effort to undermine and do legitimize the rule of Donald Trump that you actually clinch a Clinton victory. It has been widely speculated by those close to Soros that he was well aware of the extreme risk of Clinton losing the race. But he made the donation anyway, in an effort to minimize what he perceived to be the damage that would ultimately be caused by a Trump presidency.

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It is equally true that in other areas of political philanthropy, George Soros had phenomenal successes. These cases have largely flown under the radar, due to the much smaller nature of the races and a lesser amount of money involved. However, to the local politicians to whom Soros has donated sums of money ranging from a couple hundred thousand dollars all the way up to a couple million, his largesse has often made the difference between winning and a landslide and losing badly.

One of the areas in which Soros has been actively donated to local political races is the area of criminal justice reform. Soros has been following a brilliant strategy of replacing hardline conservative prosecutors with more liberal-minded and socially progressive ones, who are sympathetic to the cause of criminal justice reform, specifically ending the war on drugs and addressing the stark disparities between whites and minorities in sentencing.

Although these smaller races have not received as much attention, candidates that Soros has backed have won nearly every single race where donations were made. Read this story about George at

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Betsy DeVos – Reformer for family choice in education

Betsy DeVos has been involved in activism for education for over a decade and under President Trump, she was awarded the high honor of being nominated and later confirmed as the Secretary of Education.

Betsy DeVos is perhaps most well-known for her advancing of free market ideology to the education field by advocating for more choice-enabling options such as voucher programs that would allow parents choose their children’s school rather than being forced to accept the local public school. She is also a well-known philanthropist and has donated millions of her own fortunes to the cause of advancing education and furthering the cause of free school choice for families through various charities and the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship program.

A more innovative idea that Betsy DeVos has pressed for is to have more states adopt a program similar to the one used in Maine that would provide a type of grading on the school system for the parents which would allow them to have more information on what is going on in their child’s school system and promote more parents and communities to be involved with their children’s schools.

Beyond the education field, Betsy DeVos is a veteran of the Republican Party, having been a member of the party for over thirty years, and taking part in leadership roles in campaigns, party organizations, and political action committees. She has advanced the idea of limited government and traditional American values in the party through her positions and donations over the years. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

It is not debatable to say that over her life that Betsy DeVos has made an incredible impact on the field of education and the political landscape of the United States of America for the causes of personal freedoms, limited government, and traditional family values and traditional American values. Many are looking forward the possibilities of reform to the monopolized public education system that Betsy DeVos will be able to bring with her position as Secretary of Education and the positive effect that will have on the education of our nation’s children and in what ways she will advance the cause of personal choice and freedom in the future.

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George Soros – The Heavyweight of Washington

George Soros, a billionaire hedge fund manager from Hungary, may seem like an unlikely champion of liberal politics in Washington DC. He came from humble beginnings, fleeing his native Hungary at a young age in order to attend the London School of Economics. He later entered the world of fund management in New York with his own hedge fund in 1969. Today he is worth around $25 billion and is one of the most influential men in both the financial and political realms.

Soros shocked in the 2004 Presidential election when he backed the Democrats to the tune of $27 million, then an extraordinary amount for one individual to donate. When the Democrats lost that election he downsized his super donations. That is, until the most recent election where he once again backed Hillary Clinton with donations of $21 million, making him the twelfth biggest donator last year.

The reason for his ramp up in spending last year is, in his own words, due to the threat that Donald Trump posed to the US. A successful immigrant and testament to what can be achieved by immigrants to the US; it isn’t difficult to see why Soros would be so critical of Trump.

Just last September he pledged $500 million to businesses founded by refugees in the US. No doubt in direct response to the anti-refugee and anti-immigration rhetoric of the Trump campaign. There’s no doubt that George Soros will put his money where his mouth is. If donating to the democrats doesn’t help then he might as well do it himself, as the 19th richest man in the world he certainly has the capital to do so.

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In a post President Trump world the question remains what will George Soros do next?  Whether it is the “Muslim ban” that keeps being blocked, the drastic cuts to vital departments or the rollback of climate friendly initiatives someone like George Soros could certainly help to mitigate these issues significantly.

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George Soros: A Support System to the Democratic Party

George Soros is no stranger to the world of politics. Since 2004, George Soros has been an active supporter of the Democratic Party having invested a total of 27$ million, to defeat later elected President George W. Bush.

Now, at eighty-six, George is back in the political sphere, this time as an investor for the Democratic party during the 2016 Presidential elections on Soros was an influential figure who worked hard to help the Democratic Party in their efforts against now elected President, Donald Trump. George Soros has said to have donated a total of $25 million towards Hillary Clinton and her campaign efforts along with helping numerous causes which the Democratic Party supported.

Soros’ comeback into the political sphere would be owing to the genuine concern for America’s future due to the recent election of the Republican Party on Politico. He believes in and stands by the values and guidelines that the Democratic Party worked under. Owing to his immense involvement with the American elections this year, Soros believes that the future of America is in the wrong hands, and the country will not prosper unless the government is overturned and handed back to the Democratic Party, who not only will ensure the establishment of proper laws on but also help safeguard the communities that need their safety taken care of. With this idea in mind, George Soros plans to lead a movement against the newly elected president in an effort to oppose the decision of the election.

Soros was born in Hungary and attended university at London School of Economics. During his time in Hungary, Soros encountered numerous struggles by virtue living under the pro-Nazi Hungarian Regime, which is what set his interest in political struggles on Forbes and his effort to help the politically distressed.

Soros has not only donated large sums of money towards election candidates but also towards institutions that help seek rightful justice. Recently, Soros donated a total of two million dollars towards a group in Arizona battling the then Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arapio. Arapio was being charged with numerous offenses dealing with unlawful enforcement of laws, immigration law violations, violations of election law and allegations of misuse of power. Due to the efforts of the institution and Soros, as of January 7th, 2017, Arpaio will no longer be serving as the Maricopa County Sheriff. With the help of Soros, the position of the new sheriff of Maricopa County was given to Paul Penzone, a member of the Democratic Party.

Soros’ made a fortune through numerous risky currency trades right after graduating from London School of Economics. His estimated net worth is said to be around $24 billion. After his initial investment into the Democratic Party in 2004, Soros vowed to never to make such a huge investment into a Political Candidate ever again. However, upon seeing the political scenario in America, and owing to his immense faith in the Democratic party and their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he decided to invest once again.

Besides America, Soros spends a lot of his time in Europe closely monitoring market situations there and operating under his wide network, Open Society Foundation which is currently operational in more than a hundred companies all over the world.