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James Dondero Offers A Helping Hand For Healing

Family violence is a common occurrence. This type of occurrence often gets to the point where people living in the environment need a shelter. Therefore, James Dondero and Highland Capital Management is involve din the funding of The Family Place.

This gives the facility more funding to be able to serve their clients. For one thing, the facility could use the money for improvements. After all, family violence can be one of the most traumatic experiences. It is not enough for people to get out of the environment. One must also be in an environment that is helpful to their recovery.

James Dondero is able to donate as much as $1 million to The Family Place because of his skills at money management. He attended University of Virginia studying accounting and finance. This is one of the most important aspects to his success. For one thing, he was able to use what he has learned to profit from his investments.

After graduating, he has started Highland Capital Management. Outside his company, he serves on the boards of many other companies including MGM Studios and CCS Medical Corporation. James Dondero is a very productive individual.

James Dondero also shows that he is compassionate towards those who are in a violent situation. Therefore, he is involved in creating some kind of escape for the victims of domestic and family violence. Jim keeps seeking out ways he can benefit his community.

As he gives to his community, he gains a lot of respect for himself. Given that philanthropy and entrepreneurship often go together, it is not surprising that Dondero actively seeks out charities and nonprofits to fund.

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