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Finding and committing to a lawyer can be a very stressful and challenging process. These decisions are rarely easy and usually have little or no direction from outside sources. The people of New York now have a system in place to help them in this process. This new, easy and convenient tool has made it much more simple to get the right lawyer.


The New York State Bar Association has created an online portal that allows clients to pair up with a lawyer. The system is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The New York Bar partnered up with, a national provider of marketplace, to help create this system. The process is very simple. Users simply log on to the website From there they complete a confidential questionnaire that helps the system locate an appropriate lawyer. Clients can get a referral for free, however if they choose to actually meet with a lawyer, the initial 30 minute consultation is $35. Exceptions may be made in certain cases such as personal injury, medical or worker’s comp. cases.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a major part of the New York law scene for quite some time. Goldstein is a member of is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm committed to advising compensation committees and management teams. Goldstein has had an impressive career that has included working with a number of large, influential companies such as Miller Brewing Company, Bank One Corporation, Chevron Texaco Corporation and Goodrich by United Technologies. He has held many positions during this time and showcased great leadership qualities.


Goldstein has worked hard to make himself qualified for such important work. He graduated from Cornell University with a BA with distinction. He would later earn a an M.S. from the University of Chicago. Goldstein has demonstrated he can be more than an effective leader. With his experience and track record he should continue to be heard from for quite some time.


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