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The Oxford Club Makes Investing Easier

In 1989, William Bonner created The Oxford Club, an organization that’s dedicated to helping build a network of people interested in investing and financial markets. Today, The Oxford Club is proud to know that it has secured in excess of 157,000 active members ardent eww roll, collectively populating a whopping 131 countries.


First formed as the Passport Club, the organization has grown to lofty levels of success thanks to its long-term chief executive officer and executive director Julia Guth, who’s been with The Oxford Club since its Passport Club days. Ms. Guth is proud to say she’s served the city of Baltimore, Maryland, and The Oxford Club for the past 29-plus years.


William Bonner knows what it takes to win in the world of business, as made apparent by his foundation of The Agora Companies and its subsequent growth to above a one-billion-dollar valuation. Bonner has unarguably succeeded in his initial goal of forming a tight group of investors from around the world, all of which can benefit from sharing knowledge with one another.


To best serve its many members, The Oxford Club has three main levels of membership:


  • Premier membership – This entry-level group includes any person that’s subscribed to at least one of The Oxford Club’s many publications.


  • Director’s Circle membership – These people are fully committed to The Oxford Club and have paid their dues to become lifelong members of the organization. A central benefit of being in the Director’s Circle level of membership is being able to share all publications put out on the Internet with family members without any additional charges.


  • Chairman’s Circle membership – At the highest level of membership within The Oxford Club, members of the Chairman’s Circle can read anything and everything that the organization publishes.
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Samuel Strauch, the Real Estate Developer in Miami, FL

Samuel Strauch has an impressive historical background that expressively contributes to his relentless success through his business career and life in general. He is a graduate from the Hofstra University, NY from where he graduated with a Business Administration degree. He later joined Harvard and the Erasmus University to further his business profession. He started his career as a banker and then discovered that real estate was his niche out of his love for the industry.

Samuel Strauch is one of the most prominent figures in South Florida when it comes to real estate. He is one of the top executives at Metrik Real Estate where he serves as the Principal of the firm. The Metrix Real Estate firm is an all-inclusive real estate firm that deals with the management of property, equity, brokerage, and development as well. The firm has one of the most driven team members, led by Samuel, who has significantly contributed to its massive growth within a very short period.


One the greatest character of Samuel Strauch that has moved him miles in business is his ever curious mind. This has broadened his perception in both the personal and business life. He strongly believes that every person has a unique contribution approach towards a positive human growth. According to Samuel Strauch, however small an action may be, it is a potential source of positive change that should be explored.

Another exceptional attribute of Samuel Strauch is his selfless desire to help people from all dimensions of life. He believes that all the immigrant Americans with a place to call home have the ability to make it an investment for the future. He helps people to identify and venture into the best investment opportunities in the US as the country was featured for having the best price appreciation opportunities in 2016.

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