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The IHREC (The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission) is an equality and human rights group that, as its name suggests, is based in Ireland. It’s located in Dublin, the nation’s lively and energetic capital city. It serves as the country’s national equality and human rights force. It’s a fully independent group that aims to defend and spread the word about equality and human rights matters throughout the nation.

The IHREC tries hard to establish a sense of respect regarding intercultural topics in Ireland. The organization concentrates on the three degrees of human rights. These are domestic, regional and international human rights. There are quite a few dedicated individuals who are part of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

Ruth Gallagher serves as the head of the acclaimed Policy and Engagement division. This division specializes in public relations, public engagement and communications. Laurence Bond is in charge of the group’s research sector.

The research sector keeps up on socio-economic matters, the national budget and human rights policy assessments. Michael O’Neill is at the helm of the hard-working legal department. Kevin De Barra, last but certainly not least, is the main man on the corporate services team. Read more: Jim | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission knows a lot about a vast range of topics that pertain to the human rights realm. The group has in-depth expertise that involves subjects such as discrimination at work, Irish law and human rights defenses, education discrimination and goods and services discrimination. People who want to learn in great detail about any of these matters, because of that, can always depend on the group’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable team members.

This renowned group has many diverse publications under its belt. The IHREC offers publications that span many different categories. It has publications that go into codes of practice, corporate governance and litigation results.

It has comprehensive and helpful publications that go into socio-economic rights, interculturalism, children’s rights, policing, criminal justice, public sector responsibilities, penal policy and non-discrimination as well. People who want to find out more about Irish women and their daily lifestyles can learn a lot from this distinguished organization. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

People who wish to gain insight that involves equality budget proofing can learn a lot from the group, too. The IHREC’s exhaustive publications can serve as reliable and current resources for many people who appreciate human rights. People can get in contact with the IHREC easily. They can email and phone the group. They can also opt to stop by the group’s Dublin office in person.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is the work of two prominent individuals. These individuals are journalists by the names of Michael and Jim. This fund is based in Phoenix, which is Arizona’s friendly and welcoming capital city.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund gives its assistance to many reputable groups. It has good relationships with organizations such as the Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Can the Border Divide Us?, the Colibri Center for Human Rights and the Kino Border Initiative.