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InnovaCare Health Provides Award-Winning Health Management Services In Puerto Rico

Creating and managing health care systems that are meant to deliver critical treatment and services to a large group of people is no small feat. It requires the insight of experienced public health professionals on who can assess the needs of city, state or territory and design a system that can adequately meet the needs of the populations it must serve. The architects of such a system must consider the various demographics within a population such as age, ethnicity, class, gender and location. They must be sensitive to patients disparate and intersecting healthcare needs and the barriers that they might face to pursuing adequate healthcare whether those barriers are monetary, a strained relationship to the notion of health care itself, disability or geographic barriers that can limit a patient’s ability to go to a hospital should they need to. New Jersey-based healthcare management company InnovaCare Health has risen to the challenge of helping to design and maintain strong healthcare systems in Puerto Rico.

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InnovaCare Health is known for its expertise in the realms of physician practice services and Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. For many years now Innovacare Health has provided what is among the best healthcare management services on the Island of Puerto Rico. Through these entities InnovaCare Health is able to serve 230,000 people in Puerto Rico through a collective of more than 7,000 health practitioners. One of the many things that distinguishes InnovaCare from its competitors is the fact that is healthcare management services have been recognized for their excellence by the healthcare industry. The National Committee for Quality Assurance gave both of InnovaCare’s Puerto Rico affiliates a Commendable Accreditation in 2011. InnovaCare’s Commendable Accreditation makes it the only health plan on the Island to have received accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

InnovaCare Health is led by Dr. Rick Shinto who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shinto is responsible for overseeing InnovaCare’s plans on the island of Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto has an extensive background in healthcare management and has served as a healthcare executive at organizations like MedPartners, Aveta Inc. and Medical Pathways Management Company. He has worked as a clinician and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Redlands and a degree in medicine from the State University of New York. Penelope Kokkinides serves on Dr. Shinto’s leadership team as the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides‘ professional background includes leading the management of Medicaid and Medicare. She has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Centerlight HealthCare and the COO of Touchstone Health.

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