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Kate Hudson Takes on a General Issue In Fashion With Fabletics

There is always some kind of push back when it comes to fashion. While the resistance in active wear is understandable, this type of resistance also permeates all of fashion in general. While people state that active wear is only designed to be worn as a means to fitness, there are people that chant that clothes are only meant to be worn for coverage. While at its core it is true, there is still a lot of room for style and elegance. Perhaps the reason behind fashion has less to do with the purpose than it does with intimidation and feelings of inferiority.


One thing to understand is that fashion resistance can come as a result of many different occurrences in the fashion industry. For one thing, there are tons of dictators that seem to only like one type of look. The worst part is that people seem to gather behind this dictator as if he is some kind of perfect authority. Then there are some people who try to look fashionable only to be laughed out of the room because they are a day behind season. These and plenty of other factors can cause people to be rather indifferent and even hostile when it comes to fashion.


Fortunately, there are people who are out to promote a more diverse idea of fashion. Among the people is fashion designer and business owner Kate Hudson. She is one of the women who want to help others develop a healthier sense of self worth. This can be easily done with fashion. She brings forth some of the best styles for women of all sizes so that they don’t have to feel that they have to be smaller in order to be beautiful. With Fabletics, her designers are working on different products with the purpose of showing that different sizes and body types can be beautiful.


Fabletics has been started to not only teach women how to be healthy, but also how to appreciate their own beauty and style. Many women have had their world and doors open up because of how they gained confidence from their outfits.


Taking on the Giants – The Secret behind Fabletics’ Incredible Growth

In an industry where giant corporations control the market, it pays to be innovative and different if you want to succeed. For Fabletics, succeeding in the fashion market, of which Amazon controls 20 percent, took a whole new approach.


An Unconventional Approach

Fabletics takes a different approach to how it conducts different aspects of its business from customer experience to brand recognition. To start with, it is built on a membership model where customers can become a part of the brand. This, according to General Manager Gregg Throgmartin, allows the company to stay in trend and personalize its products and services. The very business model itself makes the brand trendy as it is unique, and membership encourages customer loyalty.


Fabletics also appeals to customers with its affordable prices. Exclusive fashion brands are usually characterized by high quality and pricing to match; critics argue that most of these brands are often overpriced. However, this is not the case with Fabletics as its products are of top quality and prices relatively affordable.


Reverse Show-rooming

Fabletics has also found a way to make showrooms positive for its clients as well as itself. It often hosts events and showcases that resonate with its members and potential customers. To this end, most of the people who attend the shows are members who make purchases instead of looking for cheaper alternatives elsewhere. What’s more, about 25 percent of those who attend register as members to enjoy the benefits and guarantee the company’s long-term growth.


Keeping up With the Trends

Fabletics also bases its retail operations on a wide range of online data about their customers’ preferences and global and local fashion trends. Like Amazon, Fabletics has a huge presence online as much of its retail is conducted online. As such, it benefits from the internet’s ease of collecting and analyzing data and customizes its inventory to suit consumers.


To start with, it relies on buyers’ preferences to keep in trend. It also monitors the global fashion movement and tweaks its inventory to offer new products and services. Senior Vice President Dustin Netral also says that the brand often experiments with new designs that might appeal to its users’ preferences.


Steady Expansion

Fabletics has managed to grow a $250 million fashion business in just three years in spite of the odds against it. It has managed this partly by promoting the brand’s awareness both locally and nationally. To this end, it is planning further expansion of its online presence as well as brick-and-mortar stores.