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Joel Friant Entrepreneur

Becoming a business owner is not a simple process. There are many people interested in owning their own company. Few people are willing to work hard each day.

Joel Friant invents products to sell to other companies. Over the years, he has developed numerous successful products. Joel even speaks around the country to new business owners. He likes to advise people who want to succeed in business.

Joel Friant recently developed a new product called the habanero shaker. The habanero shaker is an innovative product that customers love. The product helps distribute spices during the cooking process.


Early Career

Joel Friant started out in his career working for a large corporation. Although he enjoyed the work, he wanted to have more freedom over his daily schedule. Joel started working on different product ideas during his spare time. He learned that he could make money developing products by selling them to other people.


He eventually left his corporate job to start his own company. Although the first few years were difficult, he was ultimately able to have success with his ideas.


Financing a Product Idea

One of the most challenging aspects of developing a new product is the financial investment required. Getting a patent is not cheap, and developing new technology takes a lot of capital. Joel Friant works with private investors who believe in his ideas. Instead of borrowing money from a bank, he gives a percentage of his sales to these private investors. Utilizing venture capital is a proven concept for raising money while running a business.


The habanero shaker has been an enormous success so far. Multiple retail companies are interested in putting the product in stores. Customers love the product because it makes the cooking process faster. Joel Friant has a bright future ahead, and he wants to continue developing products for customers to use.

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Betsy DeVos – Reformer for family choice in education

Betsy DeVos has been involved in activism for education for over a decade and under President Trump, she was awarded the high honor of being nominated and later confirmed as the Secretary of Education.

Betsy DeVos is perhaps most well-known for her advancing of free market ideology to the education field by advocating for more choice-enabling options such as voucher programs that would allow parents choose their children’s school rather than being forced to accept the local public school. She is also a well-known philanthropist and has donated millions of her own fortunes to the cause of advancing education and furthering the cause of free school choice for families through various charities and the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship program.

A more innovative idea that Betsy DeVos has pressed for is to have more states adopt a program similar to the one used in Maine that would provide a type of grading on the school system for the parents which would allow them to have more information on what is going on in their child’s school system and promote more parents and communities to be involved with their children’s schools.

Beyond the education field, Betsy DeVos is a veteran of the Republican Party, having been a member of the party for over thirty years, and taking part in leadership roles in campaigns, party organizations, and political action committees. She has advanced the idea of limited government and traditional American values in the party through her positions and donations over the years. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

It is not debatable to say that over her life that Betsy DeVos has made an incredible impact on the field of education and the political landscape of the United States of America for the causes of personal freedoms, limited government, and traditional family values and traditional American values. Many are looking forward the possibilities of reform to the monopolized public education system that Betsy DeVos will be able to bring with her position as Secretary of Education and the positive effect that will have on the education of our nation’s children and in what ways she will advance the cause of personal choice and freedom in the future.

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