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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Offers Comprehensive Shopping and Entertainment Experience

Shopping malls are lucrative businesses as well as risky ventures at the same time, and a large number of players struggle to survive in the industry. Primarily, the emergence of new players in the industry significantly spoils the business the existing malls. Also, shopping malls need continuous expansions to bring new shopping, entertainment, and other options for making it always an attractive place for the people. The huge initial investments are a major hurdle for the shopping malls to expand its business as well as adding risk to the ventures. However, some shopping malls continuously attract more people with timely expansion plans and the addition of new features and options.



When it comes to Brazil, Roberto Santiago and his João Pessoa-based Manaira Shopping is a perfect example of such a strategy. Interestingly, the mall was opened almost three decades back, in 1989. But, the expansions in regular intervals of time ensured the vibe and freshness of the shopping mall continued and made it competent with all the modern options and facilities. Additionally, the mall is one of the largest in Brazil, and it is the leader of the industry in introducing modern entertainment and shopping options.



The mall has more than 250 fashion showrooms from international brands. It also provides excellent dining options with numerous fast food centers and casual restaurants. Majority of the international restaurant chains are present in the shopping mall to attract the food lovers of the city as well as Paraíba State. The vast number of diverse entertainment options is another important aspect that makes people, including family and youngsters, attracted towards the mall. Interestingly, the mall received nearly 20 million in numbers in 2015 – an ever-increasing number year after year. As the city is known for beautiful beaches, it attracts a large number of tourists from around the globe. For the tourists, Manaira Shopping becomes the primary choice for shopping and entertainment with the ultimate experience.



While coming to the entertainment options, the shopping mall has movie halls with 11 screens. The movie halls are equipped with a number of modern features such as VIP Rooms, ultra-modern projector systems, live sound system, Stadium System, 3D Rooms, and more. Bowling is another major option for the visitors to make themselves engaged. The mall also has an electronic amusement park specially designed to the needs of the children. The Game Station of the shopping mall has more than 200 different gaming machines which are designed to satisfy the needs of different age groups and gender.



Apart from that, the mall also has a ballroom and gym to help the fitness enthusiasts. Domus Hall, one of the largest event hall in the city, is on the roof of the Manaira Shopping. The fully air-conditioned hall accommodates almost 15,000 people at a time.



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How Mike Baur Cemented His Status as a Prominent Tech-Entrepreneur through Swiss Start-Up Factory’s Success

Mike Baur is undoubtedly a man of many talents. As the Founding Partner of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mr. Baur is the living embodiment of hard work pays coupled by creativity and innovation. The Zurich-based accelerator focuses on providing a unique platform, designed to facilitate mentoring, coaching, and providing ample office space to strengthen entrepreneurial networks and achieve set goals.


In essence, the program runs a three-month program upon which apprentices are mentored on various aspects of digital entrepreneurial development. With over two decades’ worth of experience in the Swiss Banking industry, Baur has proven to be an invaluable asset to the start-up company.


How the Program Operates


From inception, ideas are fine-tuned within a three-month period upon which mentors conduct discussion groups aimed at promoting a collaborative environment. Afterward, expert pitch training and the most viable ideas are pursued. Each year, the program accepts candidates in two distinct batches (February & September) that serve as the common ground for robust entrepreneurial development.


Learning initiatives at the factory are harnessed courtesy of the provision of a state-of-the-art fitness center, a kitchen and lunch space, co-working desks, free WiFi, a welcome area, and opulent meeting rooms. More importantly, the Start-up factory has extended its services to the public by renting its working and office space at a reasonable CHF 390 per month for half a table and CHF 590 per month for a full desk.


Since its inception, Swiss start-up factory has been associated with several active startups such as Carcodex, Lari, Myinsurance, IDUN, Darwin Pricing, Velvet Parking among others.


Mike Baur’s Profile


Mike Baur is widely considered to be the brains behind Swiss start-up factory’s unprecedented success. The Swiss entrepreneur progressively built his reputation by diligently working for several entities such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Having gained vast experience, Baur deemed it necessary to venture into startup companies with Swiss Startup Factory emerging as his prime achievement. Pulling off such a feat wasn’t possible without the aid of Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Mike Baur also participated at the START Summiteer as a jury member at the University of St Gallen. He has dominated the headlines by serving as CTI’s deputy managing director after its partnership with Swiss Startup Factory. As the Founding Partner, Mike Baur oversaw the company’s collaboration with Goldback Group which positively contributed to the Startup’s success. Today, he is involved in the management of the start-up factory and also serves as a mentor.



The Passion for Tasty and Fun Food with Nathaniel Ru

The world is always more exciting when you add food to it. People are now more conscious about their food than ever. They want fresh food that is also healthy and doesn’t rob their bank account. Healthy food, unfortunately, has a bad reputation as being bland and tasteless. Read more; Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

There is more to salads than just leaves that taste of grass and Sweetgreen is a restaurant that wants to prove it. The reason Nathaniel Ru and his friends started the chain was that the healthy eateries around their university were boring and overpriced. They wanted something that was interesting and fun.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends finished university and put their heads together to come up with a business idea that would tick all the boxes they wanted. They found a place and a landlord, but at first, nobody took them seriously. The friends did not give up and were able to convince all the relevant people to trust them. Now Sweetgreen is a successful chain, and people are queuing up to go and have food there. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

All the food is fresh and healthy, but it isn’t boring. Rustic crumbles and vibrant dressings are just a little glimpse into the fun world of food Nathaniel Ru created. The design is modern and sleek. The clean lines and light spaces are inviting, and the staff are well-trained and love their job.

The company wanted to offer people more than just food. They wanted to offer people an entire experience. So going to one of the Sweetgreen restaurants allows people to spend time relaxing with friends while enjoying fantastic food. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

All ingredients are locally sourced supporting the local farmers and other providers. It is a commitment Nathaniel Ru is proud of. He loves the fact that he created something that is near to his heart and understanding about what food should be like.

People who have never been to one of these restaurants don’t have to worry. There is always a staff member to explain everything and help people to choose the ingredients and combine their order.

Nathaniel Ru has a degree in finance from the Georgetown University and its school of Business. His co-founders and his friends all graduated together, opening the first franchise in Georgetown.

Now they have around forty sites of this eatery offering people an experience they might not be able to get anywhere else. It shows how important it is to follow your dreams even if people don’t believe you can succeed.