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Best Female Anime Characters


Anime has some wonderful anime characters. Female ones that have a strong lead are some of the best in the genre. They are more than just eye-candy. These anime girls are tough and able to handle any situation with anyone. It is empowering for young women to have these roles in anime movies. Here are some of the best.


Mikasa Ackerman is in Attack on Titan. Coming from a position of suffering, Mikasa knows trouble. The amazing part of her character is that she still sees the beauty in everything around her. Strong and able to handle any situation that life brings her, she often shows a tenderness that makes her even stronger.


Motoko Kusanagi of the famous Ghost in the Shell futuristic anime is one of the great female anime characters. Her personality drives fans to wonder about everything from life to the meaning of humanity. She is one of the best.


Chihiro Ogino is from the infamous Studio Ghibli. Her tiny character has quite a punch in every movie that the studio has used her. She is adorable and strong. There is always a hint of comedy as well.


Sailor Moon is one of the first female anime characters to become famous. She showed people everywhere that tiny and cute did not mean weak. She is strong and opinionated as she encounters things that she can help with in her everyday life.


All of these are the best female anime characters for everyone to enjoy. They are eye candy for sure, but their actions speak volumes more about how strong cute can be.