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A Look at Serge Belamant’s Works in Blockchain and Finance

 Serge Belamant studied Computer Science and Technology at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg South Africa. Belamant is a native of Tulle, France, being born in the region in 1953. Belamant lived in France until he was 14-years old. It is during his 14th year that Belamant’s family relocated to South Africa means that the soon to be pioneer would have to continue with his education in a different continent.

Belamant is a respected professional in the field of blockchain technologies. He is also a patent holder in the modern area of blockchain technology. Serge Belamant’s exemplary career track record and his years’ worth of experience makes him one of the most sought-after professionals in the blockchain industry. Peers in blockchain technology argue that Belamant’s services are invaluable at any firm he works in since he has a wealth of expertise that few professionals can rival. Read this article about Serge at

Belamant’s experience and understanding of the technology space coupled with his intensive knowledge of the blockchain technology have been crucial in his successful roles at various firms while serving in different capacities. Serge Belamant developed a passion for writing code and playing around with programming tasks long before he was a seasoned professional in the blockchain industry.

Belamant agrees that his understanding of programming played an integral role while he was writing code for the first digital transaction software. Belamant came to prominence in the blockchain industry after writing and implementing the first-ever digital transaction software.

Despite being recognized for his work and inventions in the blockchain sector, Serge Belamant has been working on developing an array of cutting-edge and tailored solutions for the financial industry. His inventions and work in the financial sector are hailed around the world for revolutionizing how digital financial transactions.

According to industry professionals, Belamant focuses on the provision of financial solutions that improve the security and efficiency of commercial banking systems. In 1989, Belamant established his first firm known as Net1 UEPS (Universal Electronic Payment Systems. After establishing this firm, Belamant went on to embark on a solo project that would later see him design and develop a chip offline pre-authorized card for VISA.

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Talkspace, The Talk Therapy App Solution

Talkspace is an application that uses teletherapy to enhance client experience, which is mainly aimed at improving the quality of your services to these clients. It connects patients to licensed therapists using several options for communications like online chat and text messages, which in turn breaks down the social stigma of therapy, allow patients to meet you on their open terms, which you would choose to agree with and work with them. Individuals can sign up for Talkspace, or businesses can choose to offer it as a benefit to their employees for teletherapy services.

Using Talkspace Reviews is one of the easiest things, one of the most portable apps, being compatible with any device that has an internet connection like your smartphone or computer. You start by signing up as a new user, either a licensed therapist or a client. Then, for the therapist, you create the profile according to services that you offer, and indicate when you are available for clients to communicate with you. With this, you are good to go. All the rest, leave for the efficient app, and patients will be assigned to you by the application. Patients ranging from LGBT sensitive, marriage counseling to veterans.

If there is some online software that takes note of user privacy, it is Talkspace. It does this by complying to HIPAA, therefore maintains maximum privacy. Also, connection between clients and therapists is end to end encrypted. To hold on to the confidentiality to clients, Talkspace does not require that they use their real names, all they need is an email address. This is considered very important for sensitive information.

There are advantages that come with Talkspace, some of which are client comfort, enhancing their openness and honesty to therapists, providing several options for communications, like face to face, texting, exchange of clips in either video or voice format, sending messages at any time and responding at one’s own convenience. Talkspace easy to use features has enabled effective interactions and communication between users and the system. It worthwhile for patients seeking mental health care by using some important features. Visit:

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Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t it Romantic is a rom-com you are going to enjoy

Rebel Wilson is one of the most notable Australian actresses having been part of some famous movies and TV series in her career. She doesn’t look like she is going to slow down any time soon as her latest release, Isn’t it Romantic is a very entertaining movie that breaks most of the norms of mainstream romantic comedies like it.

This movie is available on Netflix now one of the most amazing movies you can watch right now. In this movie, Wilson portrays her amazing talent and charming personality as the lead character.

Isn’t it Romantic

This romantic comedy tells the story of Natalie (Rebel Wilson) an Aussie in New York who is struggling with self-confidence issues and skepticism of love. This because as a young girl, her mother (Jennifer Saunders) told her that unless a man intends to get a visa, girls like they don’t find love and even a man to spend their lives with. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

This belief has ruled Natalie’s life to this point which she is a qualified architect working in New York. Her collogues at work treat her like a coffee goffer despite her working on designing an excellent hotel.

Natalie’s (Rebel Wilson) life takes an unexpected turn when she is robbed in the subway and in the ensuing confusion knocks her head hard into unconsciousness. When she wakes up, rather than finding herself in the emergency room, she is in a private room with lovely flowers and flattering lighting. She turns her head around and her eyes land on to a cute doctor.

Things get very interesting for her from here on. You are going to find yourself pitying her, laughing at her, and even surprised by her in all the entertaining ways. In the 90-minute runtime of the movie, all you are going to do is have an amazing time.

There are more than a few reasons why you should watch this movie, and you will find them out as you watch. I can guarantee you that it is a fantastic movie.

About Rebel Wilson

This Australian actress was born on 2 March 1980 and has expounded her career to become a writer and producer. She studied for her craft at the Australian Theatre for Young People and graduated in 2003. Rebel Wilson’s first main acting job was on Special Broadcasting Service’s (SBS) Pizza, a comedy series in which she played Toula.

She later got a role The Wedge, a sketch comedy series. As a writer and producer, she released her first movie, Bogan Pride which she also starred in in 2008. Wilson’s other notable works include the Pitch Perfect Trilogy, Bridesmaid, A Few Best Men, Struck By Lightning, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Rebel Wilson is an inspiration top thousands of women around the world. She has portrayed that women also have an opportunity to become notable figures in the field of acting. Her numerous appearances in various films is a confirmation that she is one of the best in the world.


Article Title: Vijay Eswaran Flourishes With QI Group

Article Text:

Vijay Eswaran is an author, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Eswaran is one of the most successful Malaysian entrepreneurs who believe in doing good to others and in giving back. The multinational company that he runs has two main headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, moreover, the operations of the company have expanded worldwide to more than thirty countries.

Early Life

Born and raised in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran came from well-educated and close family. Before graduating from school, he used to work as a taxi driver in order for him to provide his own needs as well as to save funds for his education. He studied management and accounting in Illinois and in London. After prioritizing his education, he started his career by spending his early twenties working at different companies in South East Asia and North America as an information systems engineer and an example of a notable company that he has worked in is IBM.

Two decades ago, he was able to build a direct selling network or e-commerce in the Philippines which is now known as QNET. After 12 months of starting his own company, it became a big hit in the country and has been supported by a network of entrepreneurs in different South-East Asian markets. QNET became the most popular and dominant direct selling network in Asia, the Middle East, and in Africa. As the years go by, the company continues to grow and expand to other countries.


Vijay Eswaran’s primary objective in building the QI Group of Companies is to have more connections when it comes to doing investments particularly in education, real estate, retail and more. He has been open to different kinds of business interests and partnerships for he also values diversification. Eswaran hosts networking, training, and motivational programs and events in order to help aspiring and fresh entrepreneurs.

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