Sadie Keller And Mathew Fleeger In Support Of Cancer Warriors

Surviving cancer takes a nerve. Sadie Keller has the nerve and muscle. She has boldly come out to support fellow warrior and survivors. Through the Sadie Keller Foundation, the passionate girl provides support for minor cancer patients and their families. Sadie suffered leukemia at a tender age. This ailment denied her the childhood health and education for approximately two years. Her treatment period was marked with serious infections and adverse effects.

She completed her cancer treatment 5 months into 2017. This freed her of the deadly blood cancer. Sadie kept a positive attitude throughout the battle. Opening up to the other children became her passion. She created a series of videos explaining her experiences and how to deal with such.

She termed the diagnosis and treatment as scary but the end victorious. The resourceful videos finally became famous as they helped cancer kids battle through the ailment. The struggling juniors came to the realization that they are not alone.

Sadie Keller established a great network with professionals and financiers. These well-wishers came in handy when it came to drives and events. They catered for the funding and availed cooperate contacts round the clock. This support has made the foundation’s operations efficient.

The Sadie Keller Foundation aims at providing cancer children with toys while they undergo cancer treatment. In addition, the foundation gifts the parents of children battling cancer with coupons, rides, and eats saving them money. Milestone Gifts also ‘congratulates’ cancer survivors after conquering a treatment milestone.

On realizing that research in childhood cancers is underfunded, the passionate youngster sought to lobby for funding. At her age, she met several legislators to table the matter and increase funding for research. Her greatest achievement is the STAR Act and the RACE for Children Act, initiatives that were recently assented into law.