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It was a birthday full of surprises for Rebel Wilson

For her 39th birthday held on March 2, Rebel Wilson received a surprise birthday party from her friends. It was an excellent gift for her having just celebrated the success of his film Isn’t it romantic that had been released last month.

She has had a couple of successful years since she moved to the United States from Australia in 2011 to try his luck in Hollywood. In Australia, she had a successful career having produced and starred in Bogan Pride and celebrated as the best actresses in the Tropfest award for her role in Bargain.

The Birthday was one full of fun, and we would expect nothing short of that given her personality and sense of humor. The crowning moment of the event was the release of her new workout dance routine nicknamed Catzercise. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

This is a dance that entails cat-like movements and sounds as performed by her and her four dancers on a short video she posted on Instagram. The Catzercise as she fondly refers to it soon caught the attention of her fans and was soon all over the internet being shared on social media and fans leaving hundreds of comments and cat gifs.

As she stated in her post, they had warmed up and rehearsed for 30 minutes before they were able to reveal their final creation. Her dancers in all black and her in leggings a black shirt and a fur mane with cat years they performed what seemed like a well-choreographed dance.

She is the center of attention throughout the performance surrounded by her four dancers, and as the video comes to an end, they can all be head giggling with Rebel Wilson unable to contain her giggles which turn into quite a good laugh.

Fans were quick to speculate that the new dance Catzercise may have been inspired by her new role in the upcoming film Cats that includes other celebrity actors including James Corden, Taylor Swift, and Idris Elba. Given her strong vocals and funny side, the roles seem to fit her perfectly.

If photos on her Instagram account are anything to go by the film will be pretty impressive. There is one where they are all dressed in cats outfit.

Given her bubbly personality and her huge social media presence, the Catzercise is expected to catch on soon enough. Her fans have already reacted positively to it, and as a birthday gift, they are sure to keep pushing it.

In her own words, Rebel Wilson has already endorsed the dancing stating “The new way to get that hot Summer bod: CATZERCISE Don’t be a pussy and try it.” The positivity in the dance and the sense of joy it brings is in line with her personality.

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One Of The Best TV Producers In The Business Heather Parry

One of the best film and television producers in the industry is Heather Parry. She has really put her stamp on the industry and made a name for herself. Heather Parry grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania called Macungie. After high school she found herself attending Colorado State University. She has her name attached to quite a few hits shows and television series. The film Get Rich Or Die Trying and The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler she co-produced both of these films. Heather Parry has been doing work for Live Nation as of 2018. So far she has produced four documentaries and she produced A Star Is Born which is currently a hit in theaters around the globe. This film was also co-produced by Bradley Cooper, Bill Gerber, and Lady Gaga.

What is most impressive about Heather Parry is that she is not only a producer for Live Nation but she is the president of Live Nation Productions. Heather found out that Bradley Cooper was one of the producers On A Star is Born and she wanted to work with him and be a part of the movie so she took initiative and immediately contacted Mr. Dave Bugliari Bradley’s agent and the collaboration began. Heather Parry is a tenciuos businesswoman and producer when she gets a chance to network or make a deal she gets it done anywhere. An example of this is how she recruited producer Bill Gerber for the film A Star Is Born at a Martha Stewart dinner party.

She currently has a few big projects in the making. She will be doing films on two major pop stars the first is Noah Cyrus and the second is trans artist Kim Petras. Heather Parry is a testament to what hard work and persistence can do. If the president of Live Nation Productions can put her foot to the plow anyone else striving for success should be willing to do the same.



Sadie Keller And Mathew Fleeger In Support Of Cancer Warriors

Surviving cancer takes a nerve. Sadie Keller has the nerve and muscle. She has boldly come out to support fellow warrior and survivors. Through the Sadie Keller Foundation, the passionate girl provides support for minor cancer patients and their families. Sadie suffered leukemia at a tender age. This ailment denied her the childhood health and education for approximately two years. Her treatment period was marked with serious infections and adverse effects.

She completed her cancer treatment 5 months into 2017. This freed her of the deadly blood cancer. Sadie kept a positive attitude throughout the battle. Opening up to the other children became her passion. She created a series of videos explaining her experiences and how to deal with such.

She termed the diagnosis and treatment as scary but the end victorious. The resourceful videos finally became famous as they helped cancer kids battle through the ailment. The struggling juniors came to the realization that they are not alone.

Sadie Keller established a great network with professionals and financiers. These well-wishers came in handy when it came to drives and events. They catered for the funding and availed cooperate contacts round the clock. This support has made the foundation’s operations efficient.

The Sadie Keller Foundation aims at providing cancer children with toys while they undergo cancer treatment. In addition, the foundation gifts the parents of children battling cancer with coupons, rides, and eats saving them money. Milestone Gifts also ‘congratulates’ cancer survivors after conquering a treatment milestone.

On realizing that research in childhood cancers is underfunded, the passionate youngster sought to lobby for funding. At her age, she met several legislators to table the matter and increase funding for research. Her greatest achievement is the STAR Act and the RACE for Children Act, initiatives that were recently assented into law.


Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad Shares Life Lessons

Blogwebpedia had the opportunity to interview Dr. Saad Saad regarding his career as a successful innovative pediatric surgeon. He not only had a great story to tell but also left the interviewer with great life lessons that he has skillfully passed to his children. The panel recently shared the lessons, Dr. Saad Saad’s story, and his career ventures.

Here is what was highlighted. Dr. Saad Saad has retired after serving in the industry for about 47 years. He leaves his clients and colleagues with a great legacy following his commitment to change lives through innovations, sacrifice, as well as service.

Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Palestine during rapid as well as dramatic changes. His father traveled often. His mother stayed at home, taking care of his siblings. One day when his father had gone for work, Saad Saad’s mother was instructed to board a bus with the children to a destination that wasn’t known by many.

She left the house key under the doormat and carried her children’s clothes. She thought she’d return soon. But, after several hours, she realized that they were being relocated to the West Bank. They never saw their home again. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

His father saw them after hours of searching. He would later pay a boatman to carry him by boat across a river. The family was reunited.

Being an experienced petroleum mechanic, Dr. Saad Saad’s father worked in the oil industry in the Middle East. He would move the family to Kuwait in the 1950s because he had great business skills that motivated the management of the company to poach him. One life’s lesson that his father imparted in him stuck with him for a significant amount of time.

He was reminded of the hardships he had encountered while growing up. His father also told him of the benefits of pursuing a high level of education. He could be anybody he wanted to be in the world. Saad Saad realized that Kuwait was quite hot.

The weather was unpleasant especially for his brothers who worked at a construction site. The heat affected them. That marked a life-changing moment in his life since he decided to become a medical doctor. This implied that he would work in an office.

Life’s Lessons

Dr. Saad Saad advises people to work hard during their productive time of the day. As a physician, he is dedicated to change people’s lives. Therefore, he has invested in the early hours of the day, and he doesn’t push forward what can be achieved today.

Dr. Saad Saad has since developed healthcare procedures and invented devices to improve care. He believes that determination and dedication are the individual traits of a successful individual when it comes to building a career.

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