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New York

Jeremy Goldstein’s Noble Acts of Liberation

One of the primary health challenges of modern times is Mental illness, which has affected over 450 million people. Mental illness affects the families of the patients and the community as a whole making the lives of many people difficult. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Although people affected by mental illness are sometimes favored less when opportunities arise, individuals like Jeremy Goldstein have ensured they live better lives and can even work or maintain relationships. Through Fountain House, which was founded in 1944 in New York, he and others have been able to help those affected by mental illness.

Jeremy Goldstein organized a Wine Dinner in May 2018 to raise funds for supporting people with mental illness through Fountain House. Owning a law firm which he also runs, Jeremy Goldstein has pride in helping others.

Not only does he guide different organizations in matters of corporate governance and compensation, but also advise different clients on some issues, even personal. It is this willingness to help that made him a Board of directors’ member of Fountain House. Consequently, he is happy the organization has helped to better the lives of many people.

Fountain House aims at assisting people in recovery from mental illness by giving them chances to work and live in the society through the help of other society members. Individuals on the recovery process from the Mental disorder are encouraged to change their perception to live better lives. To add on this, Fountain has started health programs to share knowledge about mental illness and to create awareness internationally. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamench and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

In succeeding, a model was developed which involved members working in several areas such as education, horticulture, communications, and reception. Members build trust in each other and achieve different goals at the same time. Also, they build up their self-esteem and therefore fit well in the society.

Globally, Fountain House has grown to reach over 30 countries and 32 states in The United States. The organization is currently helping over 100000 people in the world. The organization reduced the number of people living with mental illness who were unemployed and assisted others to complete their education.

Moreover, almost every member of the Fountain House has access to proper housing. Other organizations have partnered with Fountain House to help its members. Jeremy Goldstein, on the other hand, is among the greatest law professionals in the United States. He has been running a very humongous law firm in New York where he has been assisting the high profile corporate stakeholders in matters relating to corporate governance.

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Behavior Therapy

Talkspace: The Future of Counseling

Technology continues to advance, and many people are benefiting from it. One of the most recent developments in the field of technology is the creation of Talkspace, an application that allows an individual to contact a professional therapist and speak with them anytime and anywhere he or she wanted. Oren Frank developed Talkspace, and he introduced it to the public in 2009. The application became an instant hit, and today, there are more than 350,000 people who are actively using the program.

The messaging application was developed by Oren Frank when he was going under severe relationship issues with his wife, Roni Frank. They were on the brink of divorce, and because he wanted to save his marriage, he thought about a plan that could work out. He decided to contact a therapist through the application that he created and ask them for help. The therapist helped him with his marriage problems, and the two never separated. Knowing that a lot of people would benefit from the program that he created, Oren Frank decided to share it with the public and let other people download it. The application became popular because of its newfound approach in contacting a therapist, and experts in the field of counseling, later on, recommended it.

Talkspace has also gone under several innovations and developments, offering new features to its users every time an update is up. One of the most recent updates added to the program was the capability of the users to communicate through the use of photos, videos, and music. Oren Frank believes that more people will be able to express themselves through the use of other forms of media. More Talkspace users are sharing their great experiences in using the application, and they have already recommended it to their friends and family members. Talkspace continues to become a hit application, and many people are downloading it because of the convenience that it provides. They feel like talking to a professional therapist over the internet is much better because they would no longer need to spend money and time to go to the counselor’s office to listen to what they would say.


The enormous experience of Michael Lacey in the field of Mathematics

The field of Mathematics is one of the areas of Professions that most people find them to be very difficult. But, with hard work, consistency, and commitment, one can achieve a lot of success in this field. A few people have proven themselves to be experts in this field through a lot of involvement in their time to do more research to solve various problems in Mathematics.

Well, Michael Lacey is one of these few people who is an American Mathematician who has proved himself to be an oracle in the field f Mathematics. He is a professor f Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology where he has served for a significant number of years.

Lacey has also been in a position to work in various other institutions either as a visiting professor, temporary positions in some institutions and some permanent positions. He has had vast experience in the field, and he has been dedicated for most of his career life doing research and mentoring other students in various educational institutions.

Michael Lacey also has a wealthy educational background which is one of the reasons that have made him them, and he is today in the society. He went to Texas University where he earned his undergraduate degree.

He also went the University of Illinois where he attained his Ph.D. under the supervision Walter Philip who in one of his interviews he says that he is one o the most imp[ortant people in his life who inspired him to become the person he is today. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

In his thesis, he solved a very complicated mathematical problem relating to the law of Iterated Logarithm for empirical characteristics. This was one of his first stepping stones to significant achievements that followed after that when he finished his education.

After graduating from University o Illinois, Michael Lacey was employed at Louisiana State University where he worked for some time then moved to the University of North Carolina where he served as a mathematics professor. During this time, he and his supervisor were able to give proof to the Almost Sure Central Linit theorem. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He also worked at Indiana University where he received a postdoctoral fellowship from National Science Foundation and solved the bilinear Hibert transform. Today, he is known to be one of the best mathematicians in the world, and he works as a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Fagali Airport, Service

Fagali Airport Is Connecting The World With American Samoa

The Fagali Airport on Upolu Island features a small paved single airstrip that makes it easy for aircrafts to take off and land. This airport is in Apia on the Upolu Island of American Samoa. During its conception in 1959, the airport was owned and ran by the Samoan government, but now it is operated by the Polynesian Airlines.

Although the Fagali Airport was decommissioned in 2005 because of environmental concerns and noise nuisance complaints by local residents, there was a brief outrage that helped get the airport reopened in 2009.

There are two airlines servicing the Fagali Airport, including Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Samoa Airways has two twin-engine DHC-6-300 Twitter Otters providing service between Pago Pago (25 minute flight) and the Faleolo International Airport (30 minute flight). Talofa Airways provides service on a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 aircraft to and from Fagali to Pago Pago, which leaves several times a day, and Tongatapu (1 hour 50 minute flight) operating 2 times a week. You can always visit the actual airport to get ticketing information and departure times, or simply check the Talofa website. Both planes are capable of fitting up to 10 people with plenty of legroom for tall passengers.

Upolu Island is a relaxing place where nature flourishes in the form of beautiful crystal clear ocean water, lush green jungles littered with palm trees, and active aquatic sealife. There are nearby scuba diving and parasailing activities along with other forms of watersports to be enjoyed.

Apia is a tropical paradise filled with fun and sun. Maketi Fou Food is a great place to try some local dishes. The Fiafia Nights celebration commences every Friday near the Sheraton Beach Resort for a real taste of real Samoan culture.

There is a Western Union money exchange service nearby, and the passport services are handled by customs at the airport. Hotel ground transportation is available on-site, and there is a small washroom for you to use upon arrival.

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