Eric Lefkofsky’s Digital War on Cancer

Lefkofsky’s Interest In Genomic Medicine

The serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is interested in cancer research. It is now possible to sequence a whole genome of a patient. There has also been a recent FDA approval to target very specific cancers based on a specific genomic profile. Tempus Therapeutics has assembled a team of researchers aimed at solving the cancer problem to determine why some patients are able to respond to new and novel immunotherapies for cancer, while other patients simply can’t.

Computers Used Increasingly Across A Wide Range of Fields

Computer vision is used to analyze biopsy images, and natural language processing is used for clinical records. When all is said and done, cancer is now a computational game as scientists use the best computational tools to find the appropriate cures. Every achievement has resulted in a disruptive new technology aimed at improving humanity, along with understanding the innate human survival characteristics that are programmed into the genome.

Physicians Empowered To Make Decisions Based on Data

Tempus is a company that is empowering physicians to make decisions based on data. They are also in the business of providing genomic and transcriptomic sequencing services. This enables physicians to better understand the inner workings of the human body, and find new cures for diseases. Data is a much more accurate and precise way of making health decisions rather than strictly using human judgement and intuition.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Successful Track Record

Tempus isn’t Eric Lefkofsky’s first success. He’s also the co-founder of Groupon. His first entrepreneurial success is InnerWorkings, which is a company that specializes in providing promotional products to customers. This was followed by a logistics company, and the acquisition of a media company. Groupon was a venture which was created by Andrew Mason, for which Lefkofsky provided $1 million in seed funding.