Creative Producers

Bridget Scarr Chases Her Dreams

When a person has dreams that they would like to follow, they can either put all that they are into chasing those dreams or they can let the dreams die. Bridget Scarr is someone who is chasing her dreams. She enjoys being creative, and she is going to be creative no matter what. She has created work for herself so that she can do all that she is passionate about, and so that she can focus on the things that matter to her. Bridget Scarr is a creative producer, someone who creates content that is unique and special. She is a writer, someone who is willing to do anything to chase after her dreams.


Bridget Scarr was asked in an interview what it is that excites her in the world right now. She mentioned that she is excited about the many ways that virtual reality is being used. She is happy to see this technology used for good. As someone who is ambitious and creative, Bridget Scarr is happy to see others taking virtual reality and using it in new ways to help those who are sick and dying.


When she was asked what it is that she does to help herself be all that she is, Bridget Scarr mentioned that she is always working on nurturing her creative side. She does what she can to help herself be more creative. She spends time with her son and laughs with him. She allows the innocence of a child to help her be all that she wants to be. She reenergizes herself by being with her son.


Bridget Scarr is someone who keeps on going no matter what, always chasing after her dreams. When she was asked if there was any advice that she would give to a younger version of herself, she mentioned that she would tell that version of herself to push away fear. She wishes that she had been more fearless when she was younger. She believes that people need to recognize their own talents and focus on them without letting fear get in the way. She believes in chasing after one’s dreams without the hindrance of fear.


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