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Human Rights Groups Truly Care

The IHREC (The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission) is an equality and human rights group that, as its name suggests, is based in Ireland. It’s located in Dublin, the nation’s lively and energetic capital city. It serves as the country’s national equality and human rights force. It’s a fully independent group that aims to defend and spread the word about equality and human rights matters throughout the nation.

The IHREC tries hard to establish a sense of respect regarding intercultural topics in Ireland. The organization concentrates on the three degrees of human rights. These are domestic, regional and international human rights. There are quite a few dedicated individuals who are part of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

Ruth Gallagher serves as the head of the acclaimed Policy and Engagement division. This division specializes in public relations, public engagement and communications. Laurence Bond is in charge of the group’s research sector.

The research sector keeps up on socio-economic matters, the national budget and human rights policy assessments. Michael O’Neill is at the helm of the hard-working legal department. Kevin De Barra, last but certainly not least, is the main man on the corporate services team. Read more: Jim | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission knows a lot about a vast range of topics that pertain to the human rights realm. The group has in-depth expertise that involves subjects such as discrimination at work, Irish law and human rights defenses, education discrimination and goods and services discrimination. People who want to learn in great detail about any of these matters, because of that, can always depend on the group’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable team members.

This renowned group has many diverse publications under its belt. The IHREC offers publications that span many different categories. It has publications that go into codes of practice, corporate governance and litigation results.

It has comprehensive and helpful publications that go into socio-economic rights, interculturalism, children’s rights, policing, criminal justice, public sector responsibilities, penal policy and non-discrimination as well. People who want to find out more about Irish women and their daily lifestyles can learn a lot from this distinguished organization. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

People who wish to gain insight that involves equality budget proofing can learn a lot from the group, too. The IHREC’s exhaustive publications can serve as reliable and current resources for many people who appreciate human rights. People can get in contact with the IHREC easily. They can email and phone the group. They can also opt to stop by the group’s Dublin office in person.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is the work of two prominent individuals. These individuals are journalists by the names of Michael and Jim. This fund is based in Phoenix, which is Arizona’s friendly and welcoming capital city.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund gives its assistance to many reputable groups. It has good relationships with organizations such as the Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Can the Border Divide Us?, the Colibri Center for Human Rights and the Kino Border Initiative.

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Jose Borghi – Helping Mullen Lowe Brazil Achieve Sustainable Success in Competitive Advertising Business

Jose Borghi is a widely acclaimed and well-known advertising professional in the Brazilian Advertising Industry. Jose Borghi has helped many companies to achieve their business objectives and revenue goals through successfully designing effective advertising and marketing campaigns for them. Some of the leading companies that Jose Borghi has worked for and provide constructive results are Unilever, Mitsubishi, and Fiat. The advertising campaign designed by Jose Henrique Borghi for Fiat is referred to as case study in the advertising schools as the campaign was hugely successful and it helped Fiat achieve astronomical profits in the country.

Jose Borghi studied marketing from one of the leading universities in the country, Pontifical Catholic University. Once he completed his study, he managed to get into one of the leading advertising firms in the country, Standard Ogilvy. He worked at Standard Ogilvy for a few years and went on to work at other leading advertising firms such asDM9 DDB, FCB, Talent, and Leo Burnett. However, after working for some of the top names in the industry, Jose Borghi thought that it is the time he starts his firm, and this is when he started Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence. The firm went on to achieve great heights of success in a very short span despite having limited capital and gave many leading advertising firms a run for their money.

However, apart from being a creative genius is also a business expert, and he realized that to sustain in a highly competitive advertising field, joining hands with other leading firms is necessary. It is when he decided to merge Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence with Lowe, one of the leading advertising firms in the business. The firm later merged again with another international leader in the advertising world, Mullen. It is for this reason the company was later rebranded to be named Mullen Lowe Brazil, and Jose Borghi currently serves as its co-CEO. Visit his official Website :

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Alexandre Gama: Taking over the Advertising World

Alexandre Gama is a well known Businessman and entrepreneur in the advertising and communication field that is based in the beautiful country of Brazil. He is from Rio De Janeiro, and Alexandre Gama is the founder and CEO of Brazil’s greatest advertising firms called Neogama.

He was named one the first ever businessmen in Brazil to ever come up with a global linkage to advertising agencies in the country of Brazil. He was appointed the Global Chief Creative Officer of one of the English based company systems, which currently hold office in Brazil up until the present. Out of all the advertising firms, he has been best known for being the first and only successful Brazilian advertising business specialist in the Publicis Global Creative board, since the company is made up of six comprehensive creative leaders for this group alone.

In his early years, Alexandre Gama completed his education at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, where he achieved his communications and advertising degree. After he had completed his four-year course, he started in the advertising industry at the Ogilvy and Mathers, where he functioned as a copywriter. After all of his years in the industry, he had been known as one of Brazil’s best advertising heads.

Click here to learn more about Alexandre Gama.

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George Soros follows new strategy in fight for criminal justice reform

Over the last decade, George Soros has lost big with his donations to presidential politics. After backing the Hillary Clinton campaign with more than $1 million, making Soros the largest donor in that presidential race, he lost again, seeing his candidate defeated by a novice politician with some of the lowest likability rankings in the history of presidential politics.

Prior to that, Soros had contributed almost an equal amount of money to the John Kerry campaign, in that candidate’s bid to unseat the neocon war-mongering president George W Bush. All this adds up to a seriously disappointing result for the over $1 million that Soros has donated in total to recent presidential races. Read his profile at Forbes.

However, it would be a serious mistake for Soros’ political opponents to assume that he has lost his magic touch. Soros has a history of winning at virtually everything he does, rising to the top of the stock market, the most competitive game on earth. Soros has returned over 25 percent per annum to himself and his investors, over the course of a 45-plus year career.

In fact, it has been widely speculated that the Soros’ donation to the Clinton campaign was more an effort to undermine and do legitimize the rule of Donald Trump that you actually clinch a Clinton victory. It has been widely speculated by those close to Soros that he was well aware of the extreme risk of Clinton losing the race. But he made the donation anyway, in an effort to minimize what he perceived to be the damage that would ultimately be caused by a Trump presidency.

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It is equally true that in other areas of political philanthropy, George Soros had phenomenal successes. These cases have largely flown under the radar, due to the much smaller nature of the races and a lesser amount of money involved. However, to the local politicians to whom Soros has donated sums of money ranging from a couple hundred thousand dollars all the way up to a couple million, his largesse has often made the difference between winning and a landslide and losing badly.

One of the areas in which Soros has been actively donated to local political races is the area of criminal justice reform. Soros has been following a brilliant strategy of replacing hardline conservative prosecutors with more liberal-minded and socially progressive ones, who are sympathetic to the cause of criminal justice reform, specifically ending the war on drugs and addressing the stark disparities between whites and minorities in sentencing.

Although these smaller races have not received as much attention, candidates that Soros has backed have won nearly every single race where donations were made. Read this story about George at


Sam Tabar: Venture Capitalist and Legal Expert

Sam Tabar is a prominent venture capitalist and legal expert based in New York. He has a diverse experience in fundraising, developing business and advice on legal matters.

He is highly skilled in commercial and civil litigation, management, corporate law, acquisitions and mergers and drafting of contracts. Read more: An In-Depth Profile of Sam Tabar and the FullCycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar has honors from Oxford University in Bachelor of Arts. He is also a holder of Master’s Degree in law from Columbia Law School. He is a member of the New York Bar Association since 2002 and is a certified member of New York State Bar. He speaks both French and English and has a functional knowledge in Japanese.

He started his law career at Skadden, a Wall Street law firm. He then went to work for some of his clients who he helped grow to be one of the largest funds in the region. Apart from Skadden, he also worked for Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom.

In 2011 he moved to work for Capital Introductions as the director and leader of Capital Strategy, Asia-Pacific Region where his team was ranked number one for two consecutive years by Global Custodian. The Asset Magazine has also ranked him among 30 most influential finance personalities in Asia.

Currently, he is a managing partner of a private equity fund, Full Cycle Fund where he runs the fund’s day-to-day activities such as administration, tax, legal aspects, accounting, and compliance. He has helped create over 450 highly customized investors and has raised a significant amount of capital.

In 2012, Sam Tabar joined Adanac LLC as its director. The company invests in startups and properties. His major investment with Adanac is SheThink, a startup firm which provides undergarments for women.

Its mode of operation is that if one buys one fashionable undergarment, it helps buy one reusable sanitary pad for another poor woman in Africa. This program has been successful due to its good campaigning strategy and Mr. Tabar’s knowledge in sourcing for resources through cloud-funding.

Sam loves music and ballroom dancing. He likes making amateur videos of himself and other aspects of nature and posts them on social media. He also likes posting about his career on Twitter.

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Arthur Becker And LLS: The Leading Edge of Preventative Health Care

Throughout his career as a cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Andrew Manganaro, CMO of Life Line Screening, has seen more than his share of catastrophic cases. From ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms to strokes, many of these could have been prevented by a regular case of preventative testing, and from that ideal Life Line Screening was born. You can visit Madison Partners to know more.

In his role as CMO, one of his main duties is ensuring that the quality of care provided by the organization remains at peak while supervising physicians and ensuring their research projects stay on track. All of this in an environment that is seeing an increasing understanding of the importance of identifying diseases that may be asymptomatic right up until they become lethal. This trend has led to a growing ability to prevent disease through lifestyle changes and medications.

LLS and Arthur Becker has benefited from their dedication to keeping clear on the newest discoveries and what fields remain unknown, and what this information tells them as part of a research strategy. Combining this with their own exhaustive database, they’re able to see their mission clearly while investing in research and scientific publication. This constant pursuit of knowledge has led LLS and Arthur to be one of the leading companies in their field.

Life Line Screening is a company that provides testing procedures for many types of health issues before they develop into an issue. Most commonly known as a method for ensuring fetal health, ultrasound is also used to screen for carotid artery disease, bone muscle density screening (to diagnose one’s risk of osteoporosis) and carotid artery disease screening. They also offer finger-stick blood screening with results in less than 10 minutes, these tests include lipid panel screening (for cholesterol levels), glucose screening (for blood sugar levels) Elevated Liver Enzymes, and more.

Life Line Screening stands on its belief that everyone needs a solid prevention and wellness plan to go along with their traditional healthcare model. This especially includes those with relevant health risk factors, including family and personal medical history. If you’d like to get your own prevention and wellness plan with Life Line Screening, consult your physician and see what he thinks will best serve you.

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Securus Technologies: The Future of Security

Technology around us is evolving at a rate that we had never imagined. Every year, new improvements on existing technologies surface, being introduced to the general public. All aspect of life has benefited from the quick progression of technological advancement, but I sometimes wonder, do prisons also receive this kind of technological improvement?


The short answer is, yes. Along with the advancement that schools, hospitals, banks, commercial establishment and private homes are enjoying in the present, prisons are not left behind. One American company, called Securus Technologies, made it possible. Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, is based in Dallas, Texas. They have employed close to a thousand people, and have found to secure contracts with over two thousand correctional facilities in the United States. They focus their work on prison technologies, helping to tighten the security inside these areas.


One of their signature products was a system that would control prohibited cellular phones. It would stop these devices in connecting to networks outside, and limit the capabilities that their phone should have. Aside from their so-called Cell Defender technology, Securus Technologies also provide communications and tracking devices for detainees and parolees alike. These technologies that they develop are widely used in North America, with more than a million inmates benefiting from these systems in the United States alone.


Securus Technologies promises to develop these technologies further, providing safety for everyone. They even shared vision as to how their devices could probably work in the future, like being totally secure and requiring the inmate who uses the device to only communicate with individuals who has gotten the security’s approval. In my opinion, the future is bright for these types of corporations, as they have the potential to make it through everything and soon become a necessity for the nation’s security.