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The Unusual Approach Evolution of Smooth’s Co-Founders Took in Developing and Marketing Their Product

Evolution of Smooth is a company known for its distinctive looking spheres of lip balm. Seven years ago, this unknown company seemed to appear out of nowhere to outsell the leading brands of balms that were currently on the market. In fact, the sales of products from Evolution of Smooth have propelled growth in the oral care industry by selling more than a million balms a week. Part of the amazing growth of this company is due to the decision on the part of its co-founders to make products that were organic in nature.

The co-founders of Evolution of Smooth were not strangers to the business world when they decided to join forces to create their company. In an online interview Sanjiv Mehra the company’s managing partner, discusses the strategies he and co-founders Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky decided to use for their startup company. Both Teller and Dubitsky had spent time working with startup incubators, which gave them the experience they needed to go up against the market’s top brands. They decided to take a bold approach in creating a new lip balm by changing the type of container it was placed in. To gain insights into what type of container might work for their product they hired a professional clay sculptor to create prototypes.

As a startup company the team behind EOS lip  balm decided to focus their efforts as well as their finances on the concept and creation of their product rather than on marketing. Part of the creation concept included a survey panel discussion involving women who would be most likely to purchase their new type of lip balm from stores like Target and Walmart. The information obtained from this panel allowed the team at EOS to develop a product they could market to women between the ages of 25 and 35 who were both fashion conscious and Facebook savvy.

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  • Kailey Gauge

    August 8, 2018

    Flow of communication is what most brands are seeing as important now and here is where getting to the best strategies work. As you go on understanding the key in working on rights so far will have to be early on as well to get assured of the down on so many connections. Persons who are involved in the startups actually have to do it differently as EOS has proven with their innovative methods.

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