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George Soros: A Support System to the Democratic Party

George Soros is no stranger to the world of politics. Since 2004, George Soros has been an active supporter of the Democratic Party having invested a total of 27$ million, to defeat later elected President George W. Bush.

Now, at eighty-six, George is back in the political sphere, this time as an investor for the Democratic party during the 2016 Presidential elections on businessinsider.com. Soros was an influential figure who worked hard to help the Democratic Party in their efforts against now elected President, Donald Trump. George Soros has said to have donated a total of $25 million towards Hillary Clinton and her campaign efforts along with helping numerous causes which the Democratic Party supported.

Soros’ comeback into the political sphere would be owing to the genuine concern for America’s future due to the recent election of the Republican Party on Politico. He believes in and stands by the values and guidelines that the Democratic Party worked under. Owing to his immense involvement with the American elections this year, Soros believes that the future of America is in the wrong hands, and the country will not prosper unless the government is overturned and handed back to the Democratic Party, who not only will ensure the establishment of proper laws on nytimes.com but also help safeguard the communities that need their safety taken care of. With this idea in mind, George Soros plans to lead a movement against the newly elected president in an effort to oppose the decision of the election.

Soros was born in Hungary and attended university at London School of Economics. During his time in Hungary, Soros encountered numerous struggles by virtue living under the pro-Nazi Hungarian Regime, which is what set his interest in political struggles on Forbes and his effort to help the politically distressed.

Soros has not only donated large sums of money towards election candidates but also towards institutions that help seek rightful justice. Recently, Soros donated a total of two million dollars towards a group in Arizona battling the then Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arapio. Arapio was being charged with numerous offenses dealing with unlawful enforcement of laws, immigration law violations, violations of election law and allegations of misuse of power. Due to the efforts of the institution and Soros, as of January 7th, 2017, Arpaio will no longer be serving as the Maricopa County Sheriff. With the help of Soros, the position of the new sheriff of Maricopa County was given to Paul Penzone, a member of the Democratic Party.

Soros’ made a fortune through numerous risky currency trades right after graduating from London School of Economics. His estimated net worth is said to be around $24 billion. After his initial investment into the Democratic Party in 2004, Soros vowed to never to make such a huge investment into a Political Candidate ever again. However, upon seeing the political scenario in America, and owing to his immense faith in the Democratic party and their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he decided to invest once again.

Besides America, Soros spends a lot of his time in Europe closely monitoring market situations there and operating under his wide network, Open Society Foundation which is currently operational in more than a hundred companies all over the world.