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Executive Appointments

Bernhardt Named New CEO to Manse on Marsh


San Luis Obispo’s Manse on Marsh campus named Farron Bernhardt as the new CEO. The award winning senior living facility is excited to named such an accomplished veteran. Bernhardt has over three decades in the industry. Recently he worked for the Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development as Vice President. He has a reputation for being a hands-on and very collaborative manager, which goes well with the Manse on Marsh philosophy.


Bernhardt feels honored to join such a recognized team and looks forward to continuing their high standard of excellence. The Manse on Marsh has won two Caring Star awards and “Best of 2016” by They are among the top 1% in the nation. Barnhardt as CEO shows their continued commitment to being the very best. Bernhardt will surely help this community continued to strive.


The Manse on Marsh has living arrangements for every need. The amenities rival a five star hotel. They ensure their residents have the highest level of independence, privacy and safety available. Five discreet check-ins are given to each resident regardless of their situation. They want the families to rest assured of their loved ones safety.


Basic amenities included, according to the website: making beds, taking out trash, and bringing meals. Residents can make the most out of their experience. Gorgeous on site cafes and theaters are available. They also have planned outings that residents take participate in if desired. It truly brings the full living experience.

Bernhardt hopes to also continue to make The Manse on Marsh an ideal place to work, and new opportunities will be posted to Indeed as they become available.