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VTA Publication’s Jim Hunt Comes Up With An Innovative Stock Trading Challenge

Today, the business industry is defined by inventions and innovations from business leaders around the world. Business professionals are coming up with cutting-edge ideas to enhance the success of businesses in the competitive market. Jim Hunt of VTA publications is a business leader whose ideas and contributions in the business industry are highly regarded.

Recently, the investment professional embarked on a journey to make his mum a tax-free millionaire in just 10 steps that he intends to post on YouTube. He announced about the challenge in August 2016, just after completing his successful Wealth Wave Strategy, a way of making money from falling stocks.

Wanting to prove to the world the simplicity of his trading system, the ‘whistleblower’ (as termed by one magazine) said the challenge is like Einstein’s ‘the 8th wonder of the world’ since it works through the power of compounding. He further explained that one could start investing with a thousand pounds. Jim considers this amount as reasonable for anyone intending to start trading. By doubling it ten times and rolling up the profits, an individual can easily make a million pounds.

Jim pointed out that achieving this simple ten-step challenge is not the trading part actually; finding stocks that are performing better is the trick.

His strategy focuses on picking those stocks that are pushing higher and make his mother a millionaire. Jim indicated that many people perceive trading to be harder than it actually is, pointing out to non-stop complaints on the internet. This inspired him to prove to the people how simple stock trading is by using his method of hunting down accumulated stocks, riding on them and seeing them move steadily upwards. All these steps will be posted on YouTube.

About VTA Publications
It focuses on distance learning courses and organizing events. In addition, the corporation is a seminar-booking agent. The non-fiction publisher was established in 2012 and serves thousands of clients globally. VTA Publications specializes in the field of economics and finance besides providing people with both physical and digital information.

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