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Brad Reifler and the Money Monster

Wall Street is known for being a big business and financial hub in the American economy. It’s also the prime setting for the movie “Money Monster.”

“Money Monster” is a fictional film that stars George Clooney as the leading role, who unfortunately gets taken hostage by an investor. Although the movie itself is fiction, much of what the film is based on is definitely grounded in reality, a reality that highlights all of the hurdles that many small investors have to jump over in order to have an advantage in stocks.

Financial expert Brad Reifler, who is also the CEO of Forefront Capital, has seen first hand how hard it can be for non-accredited investors to get ahead on Wall Street. He used to spend a ton of his career helping wealthy people become even wealthier than before but now has had a change of heart and wants to lend his support to the people in middle America.

He noted that there are three major obstacles that non-accredited investors have to deal with on Wall Street: the large management fees that firms often charge where brokers can get rich regardless of someone’s success, non-accredited investors having limited access to what investments they can participate in, and the fact that the limited options available to non-accredited investors means there results are directly tied to the stock market’s performance. Reifler’s new goal is to change the landscape and make it so that investment is not a tool for just the 1% of people but to also make everything more accessible to the 99% and open up more opportunities that used to be only meant for the wealthiest people.

After moving on from his first endeavor, he then went on and helped found a global financing services firm known as Pali Capital, where he also served as the company’s chairman for a few years.  Read more about Brad on XRepublic for further information.

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  • Penny Jenny

    December 19, 2016

    Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. A graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine, he first got his start in finances and business ownership when he created the Reifler Trading Company out of his own pocket. That is the issue with aussie essay and I know they deserve more from it too.

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