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How Rick Smith Elevated Securus Technologies Into The Top Spot In Its Industry

Richard “Rick” Smith is a business executive who has years of experience in both the telecommunications industry and in the incarceration industry. He is the top executive of Securus Technologies, Inc, serving the company’s president and chief executive officer. He attended the State University of New York’s Buffalo campus, earning a degree in engineering. Later on he earned his MBA by attending the University of Rochester in New York. Visit for more info.

For many years Rick Smith worked for Frontier Corporation. He held many positions at this company during his career with them. Among the jobs he held at various times were chief information officer, controller, and president of information technology. In 1998 he left Frontier Corporation for a position at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as their chief operating officer. In 2003 he was named president of this company and soon thereafter he became Eschelon Telecom’s CEO.

It was in 2008 that Rick Smith first joined the team at Securus Technologies. He joined as the company’s new president and CEO. He added the position of chairman of the board after having been with Securus Technologies for a few years. Rick Smith Securus came to these positions with a very strong background in both technology and finances. He has used his background to greatly expand Securus Technologies position in the incarceration industry. He has greatly increased the number of people who work for Securus Technologies. He has also heavily invested in the company in order to expand what it can offer to law enforcement agencies and prison officials. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Another way that Rick Smith has expanded Securus Technologies profiles is through acquisitions. One of the biggest purchases he has made occurred in April 2015 when he acquired JPay Inc. JPay was a company that provided a number of services to correctional facilities such as electronic payments and email. They also offer a wide range of entertainment and educational apps that have been developed for inmates. Rick Smith said that what JPay offered was a fast-growing segment of the industry and filled a hole that he wanted to fill at Securus Technologies.

Since Rick Smith took over at Securus Technologies the amount of technology and services they offer to incarceration facilities and law enforcement has greatly expanded. They now, on average, release a new product or service every week. These products and services are used to keep the public safe as well as to solve crimes. Their products and services are also used to monitor inmates so that those in prison stay safe by reducing contraband. They also monitor calls into and out of the prison which has helped solve a number of crimes and has kept out jail contraband.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Digital War on Cancer

Lefkofsky’s Interest In Genomic Medicine

The serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is interested in cancer research. It is now possible to sequence a whole genome of a patient. There has also been a recent FDA approval to target very specific cancers based on a specific genomic profile. Tempus Therapeutics has assembled a team of researchers aimed at solving the cancer problem to determine why some patients are able to respond to new and novel immunotherapies for cancer, while other patients simply can’t.

Computers Used Increasingly Across A Wide Range of Fields

Computer vision is used to analyze biopsy images, and natural language processing is used for clinical records. When all is said and done, cancer is now a computational game as scientists use the best computational tools to find the appropriate cures. Every achievement has resulted in a disruptive new technology aimed at improving humanity, along with understanding the innate human survival characteristics that are programmed into the genome.

Physicians Empowered To Make Decisions Based on Data

Tempus is a company that is empowering physicians to make decisions based on data. They are also in the business of providing genomic and transcriptomic sequencing services. This enables physicians to better understand the inner workings of the human body, and find new cures for diseases. Data is a much more accurate and precise way of making health decisions rather than strictly using human judgement and intuition.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Successful Track Record

Tempus isn’t Eric Lefkofsky’s first success. He’s also the co-founder of Groupon. His first entrepreneurial success is InnerWorkings, which is a company that specializes in providing promotional products to customers. This was followed by a logistics company, and the acquisition of a media company. Groupon was a venture which was created by Andrew Mason, for which Lefkofsky provided $1 million in seed funding.


Kate Hudson Takes on a General Issue In Fashion With Fabletics

There is always some kind of push back when it comes to fashion. While the resistance in active wear is understandable, this type of resistance also permeates all of fashion in general. While people state that active wear is only designed to be worn as a means to fitness, there are people that chant that clothes are only meant to be worn for coverage. While at its core it is true, there is still a lot of room for style and elegance. Perhaps the reason behind fashion has less to do with the purpose than it does with intimidation and feelings of inferiority.


One thing to understand is that fashion resistance can come as a result of many different occurrences in the fashion industry. For one thing, there are tons of dictators that seem to only like one type of look. The worst part is that people seem to gather behind this dictator as if he is some kind of perfect authority. Then there are some people who try to look fashionable only to be laughed out of the room because they are a day behind season. These and plenty of other factors can cause people to be rather indifferent and even hostile when it comes to fashion.


Fortunately, there are people who are out to promote a more diverse idea of fashion. Among the people is fashion designer and business owner Kate Hudson. She is one of the women who want to help others develop a healthier sense of self worth. This can be easily done with fashion. She brings forth some of the best styles for women of all sizes so that they don’t have to feel that they have to be smaller in order to be beautiful. With Fabletics, her designers are working on different products with the purpose of showing that different sizes and body types can be beautiful.


Fabletics has been started to not only teach women how to be healthy, but also how to appreciate their own beauty and style. Many women have had their world and doors open up because of how they gained confidence from their outfits.


8 Must-See Minimalist Ideas for Your Home

IMG 5 -Featured Image

The rise of small and compact homes have definitely shaped the advance of modern minimalism. Its popularity has risen sharply as more and more homes are adopting furnishings and fixtures with cleaner lines. Seamless storage solutions also provide an avenue for items that you want to keep but do not necessarily want to display.

Simplicity in everything from the shape of the room to furniture and lightings bring about a harmonious feel that can only be described as ‘freedom with less’. Below are some examples of stunning minimalist homes that’s sure to get you excited.

Utilising Flat Panel WainscotingIMG 1

In keeping with the idea of clean and simple lines, the addition of flat panel wainscoting to this moderate-sized bathroom emphasises a depth that would have otherwise been overlooked. Muted, natural colours bring about a serene atmosphere that is further enhanced by a smooth finish of different textures. Alex Mouldings offered modern wainscoting designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

Featuring Complimentary Colours

Minimalism does not mean a lack of colours, but rather a more subtle mix and play. There’s no ruling that states whether a sharp colour contrast or a more complimentary colour palette is better, but do take note to minimise on certain patterns as the point is the highlight of the entire room itself and not so much a particular feature. It might not be apparent in this, but the addition of a light brown coloured carpet adds to the warmth of entire living space.

Noting Form and FunctionIMG 2

Go as bare as you dare. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t mean to discard as much as possible to achieve a home with minimal ‘things’. The partially visible storage of firewood can achieve the status of a painting or a wall decoration. Not only does this meet your needs for warmth, it also provides some relief from an otherwise plain white surrounding.

Getting Lots of Light

Light is an important element in showcasing space and design. Uncluttered rooms with ample lighting will always look and feel more spacious when compared with a room displaying lots of furniture pieces and items. It’s not so much a matter of how much space is available, but how you choose to display certain items and the amount of natural light available.

Having an Open Floor PlanIMG 3

If you have the space, flaunt it. Instead of minimising the size of a space with walls and dividers, consider an open concept that allows the natural flow of one space to another. This idea is not limited to just your interior, as shown by the generous openings to the exterior above. There are many benefits to this concept, but the most obvious one is the maximum usage of natural lighting for your interior space.

Simplifying Your Exterior

Clean, structured lines take centre stage here. A simple continuous colour or pattern lends a flow to your exterior that presents your home as a single entity. The overall landscape and the water element provided by the pool is more than enough to ensure that your idea comes to life without the unnecessary addition of a roof or other external fixtures.

Discarding Unnecessary FeaturesIMG 4

There are lots of cabinets and storage spaces that come attached with a protruding handle. Not only does this add unwanted details around you, it’s also not as cost-effective in the long run. Consider storage spaces with flat slab panels and a conveniently placed reveal at the sides or bottom for a more polished finish. Remember that only the essentials should be apparent and everything else should be stored away.

Displaying Unique Features

With a unique shape such as the one above, that really should be the only emphasis needed for a space. Uncluttered walls provide an excellent backdrop for everything else that might be place in a room. Furnitures are also kept low and wide to provide the illusion of a more vertical space, therefore increasing the overall depth.

A great minimalist design can easily be achieved by sticking with a few basic directives: simplicity in material, form and detail. Don’t be afraid to play around with your ideas to see how far you can take this. Just remember that although ‘less is more’, you should still love the idea first.

Architectural Industry

What The AIA Does For Its Members And America

When it comes to professional organizations, almost everyone has heard of the American Medical Association for doctors and the American Bar Association for attorneys, but few have discovered the American Institute of Architects. While all of these organizations share some common benefits the AIA stands out on its own and several ways.

The first and most obvious benefit is a feature shared with the AMA and the ABA, provide a credential level above and beyond a just a license to practice. As the industry evolves and grows members are required to grow with it, keeping the talent pool within the organization strong. This has an obvious benefit for members; it’s much to prove your skills without having to keep your portfolio on you at all times. As a benefit to businesses and Americans, they can assure they are hiring a quality architect or quality architect firm based on their membership to the institute.

Much like the AMA and the ABA, the AIA offers networking events and opportunities to connect with other members. This is important in terms of honing your skills and finding out about new opportunities in the industry. Once again we can see a benefit for America as a whole; when an industry can communicate they can better serve the needs of the country.

The third and final similar benefit is their lobbying efforts in the US government. By having a professional voice in Washington architects can ensure that money is not wasted chasing impossible or impractical projects. They can also ensure that the right amount of money is spent toward maintaining and enhancing our existing infrastructure. Efficiency in Washington means a direct benefit to both Architects and average Americans alike.


What sets the American Institute of Architects is a level of continued training provided. This is more than just an association where members are expected to share what they know with others, it is an institution. With optional courses being offered throughout the country several times per year the AIA is able to provide members with training resources and ways to grow their skill set.

Finally, another unique benefit of the organization is the contracts that are available. Rather than spending hundreds of hours of your own time and thousands of dollars on contract attorney fees, the AIA has these available to its members that little additional charge.

All this together shows why the Institute has been able to become a mainstay in the United States for over 150 years. This continued commitment to Excellence and growth has been a considerable boon for both its members and the country, with no end in sight.



Advice From Igor Cornelsen If You Plan To Invest In Brazil

A lot of people have made a decision to try their hand at investing in Brazil as a way to boost their overall investment portfolio. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it makes a lot of sense when you consider the economic position that Brazil is in.

They are the eighth largest economy in the world, and they show a lot of promise to keep growing. This is why Igor Cornelsen is so confident when he shares investing advice with those who are considering putting their money into those markets.

Limited Number Of Banks With Influence

There are a very limited number of banks that have real influence in Brazil. In fact, the number can be boiled down to basically ten banks that have power there. Learn more about Igor Cornelson:

This means that the country has a much more consolidated banking systems than do most other countries such as the United States. This makes for an easier to understand system, but it also helps to grow the power of those banks that do call the shots in Brazil.

China Is A Major Partner

Obviously, China is a major player in every economic development in the world, and that includes Brazilian economics. What happens in China influences what happens with everything in Brazil. Pay attention to China to see where Brazil might be headed.

There is no question that China plays an important role in the economy in Brazil. Be mindful of this if you want to invest there. What happens in China is just about as important to Brazil as it is to China itself.

This is because as Igor Cornelsen puts it, China is a major trading partner. He points out that they purchase a lot of raw materials from Brazil, and that makes them critically vital to the success or failure of Brazil.

Bringing Down The Value Of The Currency

It might seem crazy sound that bringing down the value of a currency would be helpful to the economy of the country. Brazil has a very highly valued currency. Bringing down that value to some extent might actually help the economy of Brazil.

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Creative Producers

Bridget Scarr Chases Her Dreams

When a person has dreams that they would like to follow, they can either put all that they are into chasing those dreams or they can let the dreams die. Bridget Scarr is someone who is chasing her dreams. She enjoys being creative, and she is going to be creative no matter what. She has created work for herself so that she can do all that she is passionate about, and so that she can focus on the things that matter to her. Bridget Scarr is a creative producer, someone who creates content that is unique and special. She is a writer, someone who is willing to do anything to chase after her dreams.


Bridget Scarr was asked in an interview what it is that excites her in the world right now. She mentioned that she is excited about the many ways that virtual reality is being used. She is happy to see this technology used for good. As someone who is ambitious and creative, Bridget Scarr is happy to see others taking virtual reality and using it in new ways to help those who are sick and dying.


When she was asked what it is that she does to help herself be all that she is, Bridget Scarr mentioned that she is always working on nurturing her creative side. She does what she can to help herself be more creative. She spends time with her son and laughs with him. She allows the innocence of a child to help her be all that she wants to be. She reenergizes herself by being with her son.


Bridget Scarr is someone who keeps on going no matter what, always chasing after her dreams. When she was asked if there was any advice that she would give to a younger version of herself, she mentioned that she would tell that version of herself to push away fear. She wishes that she had been more fearless when she was younger. She believes that people need to recognize their own talents and focus on them without letting fear get in the way. She believes in chasing after one’s dreams without the hindrance of fear.


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Lacey and Larkin Foundation Provides Free Legal Representation to Undocumented Immigrants in Phoenix

Despite the tremendous progress made in the American civil rights and human freedom movement, a lot remains to be done. We live in dark times where politicians don’t even attempt to mask their contempt for migrants coming into the US.

The Trump administration seems well on course to proceed with the erection of the controversial border separating his nation from neighboring Mexico. It’s not the wall that frightening, rather it is the subtle undertones conveyed to outsiders, that’s most disconcerting.

Inalienable Human Rights

Under the stipulations of the International Migrants Bill of Rights, crossing borders shouldn’t make you any less of a human. And, as such, it is imperative for nations to treat immigrants with utmost dignity and respect. Leading this noble fight in New York is the New York Legal Assistance Group.

The organization specializes in handling domestic abuse cases involving local undocumented immigrants. The New York-based migrant group also assists undocumented immigrants to find shelter and other resource support for their American-born children, according to this Huffington Post article.

Hundreds of migrant lobby groups have emerged in the US in the wake of the heightened prosecution of migrants and other minority pockets in the population. These groups provide a whole range of essential services to the masses. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

For instance, they have immigration attorneys and volunteers to help raise social awareness about poignant issues. In recent times, human rights activists have formed crowdfunded Super PACs to help immigrants get voted into elective positions within their communities.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Case

The police in places like Phoenix have in the past stood accused of unlawful arrests on the Latin America population. Just recently, two journalists got on the wrong side of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the incident ended with the two spending a cold night behind bars.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would later file charges against the notorious Phoenix sheriff in a case that attracted a national following. On the 18th of October, a grand jury awarded the duo $3.75M in settlements for their wrongful detainment.

The settlement money went into the launching of the Lacey and Larkin Foundation. This civil rights group seeks to partner up with other like-minded organizations to promote human, civil and migrant rights for other oppressed migrants in Arizona and beyond.

JHIF and Justice that Works

The new Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JHIF) is yet another human, civil and migrant rights group in Arizona. The organization has its headquarters in Maricopa County and it provides needy immigrants with legal representation. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Thanks to the excellent pro-Bono work by the attorneys at JHIF, thousands of undocumented immigrants got their visas to work and live in the nation. The organization often holds workshops and seminars in Maricopa County to educate the masses on their rights and freedoms as per the constitution. To learn more about the Justice for Immigrants and Families organization, visit here.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation also partners up with the non-profit rights group, Justice that Works. The founder of Justice that Works is an altruist attorney called Heather Hamel.

Hamel dreams of a punitive system that enriches the lives of the locals by making them healthier, happier and safer. Her organization seeks to protect the Arizonans from the at-times brutal police force. Learn more about the Justice that Works here.

Career Success, CEO

Robert Ivy CEO And EVP Of American Institute Of Architects

Robert ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A) which is based in Washington D.C. He attended Sewanee, the University of the South and graduated with a bachelor of arts in English. He is also a holder of a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University.

Throughout his career he has worked with different organizations, he was a principal at Dean and Ivy and Dean/ Dale. In 1996 he was named editor-in-chief of Architectural Record which grew under his leadership into one of the world’s most read architectural journals. He later became the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw -Hill Construction Media which constitutes of; HQ magazine, Sweets, Architectural Record, SNAP, GreenSource and The Magazine of Sustainable Design.

Robert Ivy has won several awards, amongst them is the McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for Management Excellence and the Crain Award in 2009. In 2010, he was the only 21st-century architect collectively voted as ‘Master of Architect’ by the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rio Chi, amongst the seven in the fraternity’s 100-year history. He was selected due to his efficiency in communicating the values and importance of architecture. Robert Ivy was amongst the jury panel that chose Frank Gehry as the architect responsible for designing the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Architectural Record received several publishing industry awards under Robert’s editorial leadership. These awards include, the 2008 MPA Digital Award for the website of the year, 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, the premier magazine journalism award, Folio Design awards and the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. He is the writer of the biography Fay Jones; Architect where he speaks about the significance of architecture in the day to day life.

Robert Ivy strengthens A.I.A. through reaching out to the public, supporting and launching educational initiatives that facilitate members to serve clients and the community effectively according to the global era of challenges and change. Since he started working as the CEO he has helped transform AIA into a practical, receptive and prominent organization through creating public awareness of the value and importance of architects. Amongst his accomplishments in AIA are modernizing AIA governance to improve decision-making, initiating an award-winning public awareness campaign and building a new digital technology infrastructure. He is also focusing on the preparation of the architects for their role in dealing with current urgent issues such as sustainability, climate change and the impact of architectural design on public health.

Business, Businessman, CEO

How Mike Baur Cemented His Status as a Prominent Tech-Entrepreneur through Swiss Start-Up Factory’s Success

Mike Baur is undoubtedly a man of many talents. As the Founding Partner of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mr. Baur is the living embodiment of hard work pays coupled by creativity and innovation. The Zurich-based accelerator focuses on providing a unique platform, designed to facilitate mentoring, coaching, and providing ample office space to strengthen entrepreneurial networks and achieve set goals.


In essence, the program runs a three-month program upon which apprentices are mentored on various aspects of digital entrepreneurial development. With over two decades’ worth of experience in the Swiss Banking industry, Baur has proven to be an invaluable asset to the start-up company.


How the Program Operates


From inception, ideas are fine-tuned within a three-month period upon which mentors conduct discussion groups aimed at promoting a collaborative environment. Afterward, expert pitch training and the most viable ideas are pursued. Each year, the program accepts candidates in two distinct batches (February & September) that serve as the common ground for robust entrepreneurial development.


Learning initiatives at the factory are harnessed courtesy of the provision of a state-of-the-art fitness center, a kitchen and lunch space, co-working desks, free WiFi, a welcome area, and opulent meeting rooms. More importantly, the Start-up factory has extended its services to the public by renting its working and office space at a reasonable CHF 390 per month for half a table and CHF 590 per month for a full desk.


Since its inception, Swiss start-up factory has been associated with several active startups such as Carcodex, Lari, Myinsurance, IDUN, Darwin Pricing, Velvet Parking among others.


Mike Baur’s Profile


Mike Baur is widely considered to be the brains behind Swiss start-up factory’s unprecedented success. The Swiss entrepreneur progressively built his reputation by diligently working for several entities such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Having gained vast experience, Baur deemed it necessary to venture into startup companies with Swiss Startup Factory emerging as his prime achievement. Pulling off such a feat wasn’t possible without the aid of Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Mike Baur also participated at the START Summiteer as a jury member at the University of St Gallen. He has dominated the headlines by serving as CTI’s deputy managing director after its partnership with Swiss Startup Factory. As the Founding Partner, Mike Baur oversaw the company’s collaboration with Goldback Group which positively contributed to the Startup’s success. Today, he is involved in the management of the start-up factory and also serves as a mentor.