Skin Moisture

Shea Butter – More Than Just Lotion


Shea butter is derived from the seeds of the Shea tree’s fruit. It is very rich in Vitamins A, E, and F. Although most people tend to think of Shea butter as simply only being a lotion, it really serves a multitude of purposes.


First, Shea butter is most often used as a lotion, to treat a variety of common skin problems. It also protects the skin’s natural oils. Shea butter can also help to reduce and possibly eliminate wrinkles. It is believed to boost collagen production as well, which results in smoother, firmer skin.


Shea butter has also been thought to reduce inflammation in the skin, so it can be especially helpful to people with skin that is prone to acne. It can also help to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.


Shea butter can also be used on the scalp and on hair, especially for people who suffer with embarrassing dandruff or even just dry, brittle hair.


Although there are plenty of companies to choose from when looking for a quality source of Shea butter, EuGenia Shea offers some of the highest quality shea butter options available. EuGenia Shea prides itself on its use of natural ingredients, including Moringa Oil and other essential oils.


EuGenia Shea offers several product options, which range in the amount of Shea they contain. For example, the Dermatological Strength Shea Butter has the highest concentration of Shea butter, which would be used in more extreme cases.


EuGenia Shea is unique in that it is a family-run social enterprise. The company is run by a mother and her daughter. EuGenia Shea donates 15% of its profits back to its female workers in Ghana, via an education fund.

Experts In Their Field

Michael Zomber is a Wise History Lover

Michael Zomber was a guest on the iUniverse podcast not long ago on June 12th. His goal on the podcast was to discuss Shogun Iemitsu, his book. Michael Zomber enthusiastically talked about what motivated him to pen Shogun Iemitsu. He also talked about his extraordinary interest in the culture of Japan. He even discussed his enthusiasm for all matters that relate to history.

Michael Zomber is without a doubt an individual who has many interests in this life. He knows a lot about the realm of antique arms. He loves telling everyone he meets about antique arms and why they’re special. He has been busy acquiring antique arms for roughly four decades now. That’s why it’s no shock that he’s equipped with such an extensive selection of armor. The History Channel routinely welcomes Zomber as a knowledgeable guest. He enjoys talking about antique arms while on The History Channel.

Samurai swords are yet another big focal point in Zomber’s life. He created a Bushido documentary called “Soul of the Samurai.” Zomber’s objective with Soul of the Samurai was to help keep the concept of Bushido alive and strong in contemporary society.

As Facebook indicates, Zomber is a happily married man who resides in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. He loves working with his wife on many of his efforts. Zomber even shares a film production business with her. This company is called “Renascent Films LLC.” Zomber and his wife have two kids. They’re Christopher and Gabriella. Although Zomber lives in Philly right now, that wasn’t always the case. He’s actually a Washington, D.C. native. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California. That’s where he received an English literature master’s degree.

Michael Zomber is the type of person who genuinely revels in storytelling. He adores nothing more than exchanging information with other people. That’s the reason his writing background is so strong and extensive. He’s written a variety of historical novels. “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War” is an example of one of Zomber’s available historical books. This novel was published in September of 2009.

Real Estate Business

Affordable Housing with Kevin Seawright, Founder of RPS Solutions

Founder of RPS Solutions LLC, Kevin Seawright is a strategic visionary and leader in financial and administrative operations where he is known for his ability to achieve target goals and command new business opportunities. The Baltimore firm was founded in 2015 and now deals with asset management, development, government contracts, acquisition as well as the sale of property in neighborhoods that are financially stressed.

Kevin Seawright was motivated to make it cheaper and easier for Baltimore residents to own homes and therefore through RPS Solutions LLC, he constructed and renovated homes to provide affordable housing. Over the past 13 years, he has generously used his expertise in financial and administrative operations to better the lives of people on the East Coast. Seawright is currently the Vice President as well as the Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. According to him, one of the most significant aspects of wealth creation and development is the pride of owning a home. He also believes that homeownership is one of the key components towards stability in declining neighborhoods.

RPS Solutions LLC works in partnership with Housing and Community Development and Baltimore City Officials towards achieving affordable housing for individuals who have not been able to afford or qualify for homes. With his wide experience in real estate development, local government, and education, Kevin Seawright has demonstrated his commitment to view challenges as opportunities and approach situations with honesty and maturity.

At Tito Contractors in Washington DC, Kevin Seawright worked as the strategic partner director for Finance and Human Capital. It is at this point that he gained insight into the real estate development industry. Seawright is now bringing his experience in Baltimore City and wants to enhance economic development activities that will ensure sustained growth in the community. At Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Seawright is focused on generating jobs and creating wealth for the residents of Newark.

Seawright is now based in Newark, New Jersey. He has over the years in his career indicated how determined he is towards creating opportunities that benefit individuals and communities in the East Coast. Apart from his leadership program, Seawright is also actively involved in social and philanthropic activities. Kevin Seawright is available on social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Money Review

VTA Publication’s Jim Hunt Comes Up With An Innovative Stock Trading Challenge

Today, the business industry is defined by inventions and innovations from business leaders around the world. Business professionals are coming up with cutting-edge ideas to enhance the success of businesses in the competitive market. Jim Hunt of VTA publications is a business leader whose ideas and contributions in the business industry are highly regarded.

Recently, the investment professional embarked on a journey to make his mum a tax-free millionaire in just 10 steps that he intends to post on YouTube. He announced about the challenge in August 2016, just after completing his successful Wealth Wave Strategy, a way of making money from falling stocks.

Wanting to prove to the world the simplicity of his trading system, the ‘whistleblower’ (as termed by one magazine) said the challenge is like Einstein’s ‘the 8th wonder of the world’ since it works through the power of compounding. He further explained that one could start investing with a thousand pounds. Jim considers this amount as reasonable for anyone intending to start trading. By doubling it ten times and rolling up the profits, an individual can easily make a million pounds.

Jim pointed out that achieving this simple ten-step challenge is not the trading part actually; finding stocks that are performing better is the trick.

His strategy focuses on picking those stocks that are pushing higher and make his mother a millionaire. Jim indicated that many people perceive trading to be harder than it actually is, pointing out to non-stop complaints on the internet. This inspired him to prove to the people how simple stock trading is by using his method of hunting down accumulated stocks, riding on them and seeing them move steadily upwards. All these steps will be posted on YouTube.

About VTA Publications
VTA Publications ltd is a technological company. It focuses on distance learning courses and organizing events. In addition, the corporation is a seminar-booking agent. The non-fiction publisher was established in 2012 and serves thousands of clients globally. VTA Publications specializes in the field of economics and finance besides providing people with both physical and digital information. They offer products such as the latest seminar recording, options trading strategies and skills on trading stocks using charts.


The Cost-Saving Benefits of Securus ConnectUs Automated Forms

Time is money. Before Securus ConnectUs Automated Forms became available to penitentiaries, inmate complaints and grievances had to be filed and catalogued by hand. The digitization of this filing saves the costs of paper, the costs of storage, the costs of writing utensils, and–probably most important of all–the time investment which is lost in physically copying out and categorizing grievances. If it only takes three minutes to do one form–including collecting, marking, and categorizing it, and throughout the time in which inmates are allowed to file such forms, three guards spend three hours apiece throughout the day filing those forms, that’s nine man hours a day. At only $20 dollars an hour, that’s $180. For a week, the total comes to $1,260. That’s $5,040 a month, or around $60,480 a year. Any operator of a penitentiary likely realizes how much of an understatement this estimate is. But, should even nine hours a day be allocatable to more amenable, productive activities among prison staff, the human capital retained has a value of at least $60,000 annually. That’s not to mention the savings in paper, or the savings in organization, or the space savings which digitized forms provide.

There’s a reason the Better Business Bureau has given Securus their stamp of approval. This is an organization that actually saves corrective facilities money–and, with the increase in efficiency, savings stand to expand.

With Securus, each individual facility can uniquely design applications for inmate interaction. The variety is virtually infinite, but correctional facilities yet retain control over all the available content.

Securus understands the system, and its needs. This company regularly works with over 3,450 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies; collectively serving some 1,200,000+ inmates in America. Because of Securus’ understanding, they’re in a unique position to offer innovations that curtail expenses.

Money Review

Brad Reifler and the Money Monster

Wall Street is known for being a big business and financial hub in the American economy. It’s also the prime setting for the movie “Money Monster.”

“Money Monster” is a fictional film that stars George Clooney as the leading role, who unfortunately gets taken hostage by an investor. Although the movie itself is fiction, much of what the film is based on is definitely grounded in reality, a reality that highlights all of the hurdles that many small investors have to jump over in order to have an advantage in stocks.

Financial expert Brad Reifler, who is also the CEO of Forefront Capital, has seen first hand how hard it can be for non-accredited investors to get ahead on Wall Street. He used to spend a ton of his career helping wealthy people become even wealthier than before but now has had a change of heart and wants to lend his support to the people in middle America.

He noted that there are three major obstacles that non-accredited investors have to deal with on Wall Street: the large management fees that firms often charge where brokers can get rich regardless of someone’s success, non-accredited investors having limited access to what investments they can participate in, and the fact that the limited options available to non-accredited investors means there results are directly tied to the stock market’s performance. Reifler’s new goal is to change the landscape and make it so that investment is not a tool for just the 1% of people but to also make everything more accessible to the 99% and open up more opportunities that used to be only meant for the wealthiest people.

Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. A graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine, he first got his start in finances and business ownership when he created the Reifler Trading Company out of his own pocket. After moving on from his first endeavor, he then went on and helped found a global financing services firm known as Pali Capital, where he also served as the company’s chairman for a few years.  Read more about Brad on XRepublic for further information.

Skin Lightening

Get Your Glow On With Makari

We can all recall a time or two when we looked in the mirror and fantasized about how flawless and radiant we would like or skin to be, especially if we had skin lightening creams to help us. With the combination of the environment and skin care products that dry out your skin, it’s difficult to maintain a blemish free face. Lets face it, the way you view yourself both physically and mentally directly affects your self confidence and self esteem. Blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tones are commonly experienced, but can take away from your self esteem and confidence.
For over a decade the multicultural skin care line Makari de Suisse has produced products that help their clients feel exactly what it means to be one of their clients. The word Markari means “beautiful” in Swahili. When customers use skin care products from Makari, that is exactly how they feel. They have a collective goal of helping people all around the world achieve beautiful radiant skin.

Markaris products are sold online and offer a large variety of skin and hair care options for men and women of color. Toners, moisturizers, exfoliating creams and tighteners are just a few of the many items offered to help you reach and maintain your goal of beautiful, healthy skin. Markari uses all natural plant and root extracts providing a nutrient rich skin care experience.

Before Markari, people of ethnic descent had a difficult time finding skin care products. The beauty industry seemed to simply overlook these darker skin tones, and the variety of different hair textures that ethnic people may have. Makari takes time to develop skin care products specifically for those people.Makari has helped boost the confidence of so many men and women around the world. As a woman of color, it feels amazing to be able to purchase skin care products from a company that creates products specifically for my melanated skin.