The enormous experience of Michael Lacey in the field of Mathematics

The field of Mathematics is one of the areas of Professions that most people find them to be very difficult. But, with hard work, consistency, and commitment, one can achieve a lot of success in this field. A few people have proven themselves to be experts in this field through a lot of involvement in their time to do more research to solve various problems in Mathematics.

Well, Michael Lacey is one of these few people who is an American Mathematician who has proved himself to be an oracle in the field f Mathematics. He is a professor f Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology where he has served for a significant number of years.

Lacey has also been in a position to work in various other institutions either as a visiting professor, temporary positions in some institutions and some permanent positions. He has had vast experience in the field, and he has been dedicated for most of his career life doing research and mentoring other students in various educational institutions.

Michael Lacey also has a wealthy educational background which is one of the reasons that have made him them, and he is today in the society. He went to Texas University where he earned his undergraduate degree.

He also went the University of Illinois where he attained his Ph.D. under the supervision Walter Philip who in one of his interviews he says that he is one o the most imp[ortant people in his life who inspired him to become the person he is today. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

In his thesis, he solved a very complicated mathematical problem relating to the law of Iterated Logarithm for empirical characteristics. This was one of his first stepping stones to significant achievements that followed after that when he finished his education.

After graduating from University o Illinois, Michael Lacey was employed at Louisiana State University where he worked for some time then moved to the University of North Carolina where he served as a mathematics professor. During this time, he and his supervisor were able to give proof to the Almost Sure Central Linit theorem. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He also worked at Indiana University where he received a postdoctoral fellowship from National Science Foundation and solved the bilinear Hibert transform. Today, he is known to be one of the best mathematicians in the world, and he works as a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Fagali Airport Is Connecting The World With American Samoa

The Fagali Airport on Upolu Island features a small paved single airstrip that makes it easy for aircrafts to take off and land. This airport is in Apia on the Upolu Island of American Samoa. During its conception in 1959, the airport was owned and ran by the Samoan government, but now it is operated by the Polynesian Airlines.

Although the Fagali Airport was decommissioned in 2005 because of environmental concerns and noise nuisance complaints by local residents, there was a brief outrage that helped get the airport reopened in 2009.

There are two airlines servicing the Fagali Airport, including Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Samoa Airways has two twin-engine DHC-6-300 Twitter Otters providing service between Pago Pago (25 minute flight) and the Faleolo International Airport (30 minute flight). Talofa Airways provides service on a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 aircraft to and from Fagali to Pago Pago, which leaves several times a day, and Tongatapu (1 hour 50 minute flight) operating 2 times a week. You can always visit the actual airport to get ticketing information and departure times, or simply check the Talofa website. Both planes are capable of fitting up to 10 people with plenty of legroom for tall passengers.

Upolu Island is a relaxing place where nature flourishes in the form of beautiful crystal clear ocean water, lush green jungles littered with palm trees, and active aquatic sealife. There are nearby scuba diving and parasailing activities along with other forms of watersports to be enjoyed.

Apia is a tropical paradise filled with fun and sun. Maketi Fou Food is a great place to try some local dishes. The Fiafia Nights celebration commences every Friday near the Sheraton Beach Resort for a real taste of real Samoan culture.

There is a Western Union money exchange service nearby, and the passport services are handled by customs at the airport. Hotel ground transportation is available on-site, and there is a small washroom for you to use upon arrival.

Fagali Airport’s Social Media:

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Makes Changes the Outlook on Bottled Water

Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water is a brand that has been able to thrive largely because consumers are interested in water that is natural and clean. After the crisis with the Flint, Michigan water there was a completely different take on the way that bottled water was consumed. People that were against bottled water because they were against hazard materials where plastic containers were concerned had to reconsider the benefits of bottled water.

For Waiakea it became clear bottled water needed to look like. There was a need to connect more people with a bottle of water that was going to be purified, but it also had to help with lessening the pollution in the environment. This is where the concept of the biodegradable water bottle came from. This is something that is quite beneficial for a company that is trying to lead the way when it comes to changing the way people look at bottled water.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one the most popular brands of drinking water on the market today. This has become the brand that more people are interested in because it is bottled water that helps people replace their electrolytes. People that are interested in living healthy are going to have access water that is purified by volcanic rock. This is water that originates in Hawaii and it originates on the Mauna Loa. It is not available in all stores, but it is available in a number of different states. If you cannot find it in stores it is always available to order online. The social media buzz has propelled this brand forward, and that customer reviews that been crucial in building this brand.

This is water that has been filtered in a very unique way. It is through thousands of feet of porous lava rock that it has been given such a smooth taste. There is a naturally sweet aftertaste so that makes it much easier for bottled water.

The great thing about Waiakea water is that it creates a connection for others to get clean water as well. There are millions of people that benefit from water like this.

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PSI Pay Contactless Payment Device

The U.K. based online banking service PSI Pay partnered up with the Fintech company Kerv Wearables to offer their customers an alternative option when it comes to making financial transactions. The Kerv payment ring makes it possible for consumers to never have to take their wallets and purses along with them again when shopping, and since PSI Pay has been a member of Mastercard since 2009, the device can be used at any business that accepts this card. Some of the advantages of using this payment method is that no PIN, signature or bank account is needed, and it never needs to be charged, like smartphones or some other electronics do. Made of zirconia ceramic, the payment ring offers durability and is scratch-resistant, waterproof and hypoallergenic. It comes in many sizes and has 14 different color combinations to choose from.


PSI Pay was started in 2007 as a way to provide businesses with more convenient payment solutions. The company issues prepaid cards, debit cards, and the Kerv contactless payment ring option, all of which are available in 44 currencies and is accepted in 173 countries. It has been able to offer its card services throughout the European Union, or EU, since 2014. The Kerv Wearbles payment ring is one of the first of its kind to combine fashion with functionality, and PSI Pay is looking forward to this mode of payment being the way of the future since a lot of British citizens have been carrying less cash in their wallets over the last few years. Most users of the contactless payment ring have given it rave reviews, expressing how easy the device is to use, and since PSI Pay is in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act, wearers of the ring won’t have to worry about their personal data being shared in a way that is not secure.


In the same way other wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches are used for their functions, the Kerv contactless payment ring provides customers with both a fashionable and more secure way to get their shopping and bill paying done. The many benefits the ring affords its users is the main reason why it will most likely catch on in several other places across the globe in the near future.

Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris Is The Intellectual Property Expert

For hundreds of years, sovereign states and organizations of nations alike have provided their constituents with patent, trademark, and copyright protections that effectively prevent others from legally using the inventions of their original creator.


These registry systems are a means of claiming “dibs” on unique ideas that people come up with. They effectively encourage people to continue thinking of new ideas in hopes of profiting from them; if a country didn’t have protections in place against the unauthorized use of various forms of intellectual property, its constituents would likely live elsewhere, in turn lowering the economic potential of the non-protectionist nation in question.


Although most of us wouldn’t want to study intellectual property for upwards of eight years – not to mention writing books about copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets, teaching others about intellectual property, and otherwise being completely invested in intellectual property.


Professor Kamil Idris, the former head of the World Intellectual Property Organization, is an expert in anything and everything associated with intellectual property. Although he didn’t study the field of protectionism in school, he did learn all about international law for a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree.


The beauty of intellectual property, as crazy as it may sound, is something Professor Kamil Idris never takes for granted

As a matter of fact, Mr. Kamil Idris has attended the World Intellectual Property Day – the event is organized and funded by the World Intellectual Property Organization, an international protectionist group that keeps entrepreneurs’ ideas safe from others’ unauthorized use of them for their own gain – every year since it was founded in 2000.


Professor Idris created the World Intellectual Property Day in his third year with the WIPO to help raise awareness for just how important intellectual property really is, especially in absolutely impoverished areas like countless countries in Africa.


While Idris knows intellectual property is undeniably positive, it also has a downside or two

Today, the average business on planet Earth engages in more commercial activities with people around the world than ever before. This globalization has led to thicker books packed full of backlogged intellectual property protection requests.

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Facts about Freedom Checks

The American media introduced something new in the lives of consumers just recently. According to the ads, freedom checks are the new deal in town, and people should invest before it is too late. People who have been following the ads have a clue about the investment opportunity. There are many, however, who have no idea what the investment opportunity is all about and why it is going to change their financial positions. The American media has taken its time to showcase everything about freedom checks so that everyone in the country can benefit. There are people who do not believe the ads showing in the media. This is why some explanations have to be given by the experts so that the consumer can make an informed decision after getting all the knowledge needed. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali is among the figures that have featured in the popular advertisement. In one shoot, the finance executive holds a very large check. This is the check people are talking about all over the country. This checks is just like the government check that is issued when Americans get a refund for tax. There are thousands of customers who have felt that this is going to be a scam to make people poor, and they have gone ahead to write off the investment opportunity. Consumers are now saying that this investment opportunity is too good, and it is probably going to disappoint the consumers at the end of the day. The scheme is offering investors a very quick and affordable way of getting the financial freedom they deserve.

Consumers have had their share of problems that have been brought by media ads. There are thieves who use this platform so that they can earn wealth and at the end of the day steal from innocent individuals who have no idea what is taking place behind their backs. Freedom checks have been proven by experts to be a great way of enjoying some great profits. Matt Badiali is not a new personality in the corporate world, and he has clearly shown the world that he has all the knowledge needed. Matt Badiali has a lot of knowledge about natural resources and finance, and he has been helping people from many parts of the country. The businessman says that consumers do not have to be scared when preparing to invest in freedom checks. Apart from being reliable, the customer will not have to work too much for the profits. Read more:


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Why Robert Deignan Is Famous In the Tech World

It has been said that someone needs about 10,000 hours to be the expert they desired to be. While this could be true, it’s good to know some people utilize the more than 10,000 hours to become something greater than an expert. Some people would say Robert Deignan is an expert, but the majority would agree he is more than an expert in the world of the technology business. Robert has spent over 20 years in the technology business. Having been in this field for more than 40,000 work hours, he is more than an expert. He deserves a better title or description than this.


He studied Business Management at Purdue University and graduated with a degree in 1995. Since his childhood, Robert desired to be an entrepreneur and businessman. With his nose to the grindstone, he got the best education there was to get some real-world experience. Three years after graduating, Robert Deignan graduated opened his own business called Fanlink. He kept wondering what some entrepreneurs did to have thriving businesses. His passion and commitment to technology and customer service didn’t fail him. He eventually became an executive with profound digital technology solutions.


A software company called iS3 Inc. was his next landing point. He served in this company as the executive vice president. The software company has become of great help to the world because of the technological needs it has met so far. Through his leadership, the software company has been able to offer personalized technical support, computer optimization, and digital security. The passion Robert had for technology made him desire to explore more about it.


According to Robert Deignan, the companies he founded and worked for were his stepping stones to something greater. He currently works at ATS Digital Services as the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. Being a vice president at iS3 Inc gave him a wealth of experience he uses today at ATS. Since he started ATS in August 2011, he has taken the company to greater heights today. Looking at what ATS has done and achieved today, Robert is convinced he has accomplished what he intended to accomplish in the tech world.

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Freedom Checks: Sorting out the System

When looking for new investment opportunities there are a lot of options available to those looking to make a profit. It is conventional knowledge that the more capital you have to invest the more profit that you are able to reap. However, a recent investment opportunity has many consumers confused on this finer point. The strategy that has everyone rushing to the Internet to figure out if this investment really is too good to be true is called freedom checks. A service like freedom checks seems like it could easily be a government-run program. Interestingly enough this is not the case, freedom checks actually refer to an investment strategy not too unlike the stock market. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The key differences between freedom check an investment in the stock market is what the individual is investing in. Freedom checks refer to a strategy of investing in domestic energy. By investing in domestic energy investors are able to see significantly higher returns than many other industries. It would stand to reason that this is because of rising energy costs. Interestingly enough, it is actually mostly credited to a federal law. This law is called statue 25 – F. Statue 25–F allows companies pay fewer taxes if they distribute all their profits among their investors. This statue benefits more than 550 energy-related businesses in the US. These firms have been called by many master limited partnerships or MLPs for short. The specific statue dictates that they must give investors $.90 of every dollar in earnings and this the key difference between the distributions received by investors in these industries versus the dividends traditionally distributed in the stock market.

Another way that investors in MLPs are able to collect more return on their investment is through not having to pay costly federal income tax on this money. Instead of income tax, they pay a capitals gains tax if they elect to sell their shares. This act is significantly less than income tax, therefore, it encourages investment in this industry. The diffusion is found when people believe that freedom checks will grant them considerable profits for very little investment. This misunderstanding is mostly due to commercials that aired on the radio they made it sound as if all you have to do is sign up with an email address. Much to their confusion, what you need to do is invest as you would in any other industry.Read:


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AvaTrade Review: Unmasking the Truth

Is AvaTrade a reliable broker? Is it genuine or a scam? How much does AvaTrade charge its clients? Does it have complex or simple trading tools? What features does it have? These are just some of the important questions most traders often seek to know. In this AvaTrade review, we would like to handle most of these questions and let you make your judgment whether AvaTrade is a reliable forex trader or not. It is always important to know the details of a forex brokerage firm before deciding to trade with them.


Is AvaTrade a scam or is it a reliable forex broker?

This is one of the most asked questions in the forex trade world. First of all, let us begin by allaying fears that AvaTrade might be a scam. The company has a clear historical background having been formed in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. Besides, it is licensed and regulated by various financial institutions in Europe and Asia including the Central Bank of Ireland CNMV from Spain.


Besides that, AvaTrade has some of the most competitive spreads in the forex market. The broker doesn’t also charge any commission for trading like other forex brokers. That is probably why AvaTrade has a lot of positive reviews among traders. The other advantage about AvaTrade is that it allows huge leverages that can reach up to 1:400. However, it is important as a trader to note that such leverage involves high risks but can also be a great opportunity for experienced traders.


Security and charges

Although we have already mentioned about it, it would be important to again expound about the safety of AvaTrade. Since it is an Irish company, AvaTrade is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. In addition to that, it is also checked by the Spanish CNMV.


Physical Presence

It is a fact that AvaTrade is one of the few online forex brokers with a physical office on site. The company has its main office in Dublin, Ireland, and several other offices in Australia and Japan. The fact that the company has a physical office often gives traders confidence, unlike forex brokers without physical locations.

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Hussain Sajwani; the DAMAC Owner and Resilient Entrepreneur

For anyone doing research about the real estate in Dubai it is impossible to skip past, HussainSajwani, the DAMAC owner. This is simply because coming from a humble background he was able to reshape the Dubai real estate market and build an empire from it. He did this not only once but twice, before and after the 2008 crash.


In an interview, Hussain Sajwani explained that it was from working at his father’s shop that he became a skilled entrepreneur. During the 2008 property crash in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani explained that had to cut many things off and make very challenging decisions. He even states that was one of the hardest times throughout his career.

Through incorporating proper business strategies his company was able to pull throughout of the tragedy. The DAMAC owner said that his plans to expand its real estate business overseas, especially into Europe. He even hopes that in the end, the hard work he has put in the company is regarded as his legacy.


DAMAC owner, Chairman, and Founder, Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire who focuses on property development through his firm DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952 in the United Arab Emirates. His father was a businessman who operated a shop dealing with a wide variety of products including items imported from China.


Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington in the United States of America. The DAMAC owner studied Industrial Engineering and Economics for which he earned a bachelors degree upon completion. He started his career at the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in 1981. In 1983, Hussain Sajwani opened a firm that offers catering services to its clients. Currently, the firm is known as Global Logistics Services.

It was in 2002 that he started DAMAC Properties. It is currently ranked as one of the top property developers in the Middle East. The firm has put up numerous exquisite projects since its inception. One of the projects is a golf course designed by the world-famous golfer, Tiger Woods.


As a result of years of hard work and diligence, the DAMAC Owner has bagged numerous awards throughout his career. In 2017, for instance, Hussain Sajwani was awarded the Property Chief ExecutiveOfficer of the Year. This was by the Chief Executive Officer Middle East Awards.